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Central Equipment Identity Register


Central Equipment Identity Register

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has launched the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) to track the lost or stolen mobile phones. It acts as a central database of all the mobile phones that are used and registered in India. The user can track the devices by providing the required information requested on the portal along with International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) and FIR copy. The CEIR shares a wide platform that supports all the network operators. It helps to receive information on the blacklisted mobile devices from the registered network to notify other networks. This helps to track the device even if the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) has changed.

Equipment Identity Register

The Equipment Identity Register (EIR) is a database that contains all the IMEI or Electronic Serial Number (ESN). IMEI is a unique number attached to all the handsets. These numbers are attached to the registered service provider. The following are the type of lists in the EIR database:

White List

The White List contains all the authorised IMEI numbers that are allowed to access the network.

Grey List

The Grey List contains all the authorised IMEI numbers that are kept for observation to track the number.

Black List

The Black List contains all the unauthorised IMEI numbers that are

Limitations in the Previous Model of TRAI

Previously, when a mobile handset is stolen, the user blocks the IMEI number by calling to the network operator service. This procedure blocks the phone but does not stop from using the phone. The service provider ensures that the network is not misused. But the lost phone was accessible after inserting a different SIM card. This was observed by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and the limitations associated with the existing model. Hence, the DoT launched CEIR with a revised model to track the lost or stolen mobiles even if the SIM cards are changed.

Objectives of CEIR

  • Discourage mobile theft, identify fraudulent mobile market and protect consumer interest
  • To centralise the database for identifying and blocking the lost, stolen or illegal mobile phones/networks
  • To track the lost or stolen mobile phones through IMEI numbers even if the SIM cards are changed or disabled
  • Create an infrastructure to provide the services to track the mobile devices
  • Create an infrastructure to access GSMA’s database to check the authentication of the mobile device
  • To identify duplicate IMEI numbers, cloned, reprogrammed stolen or unauthorised devices

Services of CEIR

The following are the services provided by CEIR:

  • Block the Stolen or Lost Mobile device
  • Unblock the Found Mobile
  • Check the Request Status
  • IMEI Verification
  • Mobile APP
  • Feedback

Documents Required to Block the Mobile Device

  • FIR Copy
  • Invoice of the Phone
  • Identity Proof
  • Alternative phone number

Blocking a Lost or Stolen Mobile Device

To block the mobile in CEIR, the following steps can be followed:

Step 1: File a report with the Police. Acquire the FIR copy to upload in the CEIR portal

Step 2: Open the official webpage of CEIR


Step 3: Click on CEIR Services > Block Stolen/Lost Mobile


Step 4: Provide details about the lost phone such as mobile number, IMEI numbers, model of the device and invoice of the mobile


Step 5: Provide the details on the place lost and upload the FIR copy ( Provision for adding more complaint can also be made)

Step 6: Provide personal information along with a copy of Identity proof

Step 7: Provide a mobile number to receive OTP. In the case of acquiring the same number, a duplicate number can be acquired.

Step 8: Provide the OTP and click on Submit

Step 9: Note the request ID to provide details for unblocking the mobile device

Unblocking the Lost or Stolen Mobile

Step 1: Open the official webpage of CEIR


Step 2: Click on CEIR Services > Un-Block Found Mobile


Step 3: Provide the request ID

Step 4: Provide the mobile number ( used to receive the OTP number)

Step 5: Provide a mobile number to receive OTP

Step 6: Provide the OTP and click on Submit