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Business ideas for Women


Business ideas for Women

Women entrepreneurship is on the rise in India with growing urbanization and empowerment of women. Further, the Government of India has also introduced various schemes for promoting women entrepreneurship in India including special access to bank financing and higher subsidies. In this article, we look at some of the popular business ideas for women in India.

Clothing Boutique

Women can easily start a clothing boutique as a brick and mortar store or sell online using social media or sell through established marketplaces like Craftsvilla. From customization to make to fit clothes, the demand for boutique and incoming orders never seize to die. For women to keep their business running successfully, all that is required is job expertise and ability to take care of orders even in the absence of the manpower. Boutiques can be opened by bootstrapping in the initial days and gradually moving out to set up a separate store. Customers will always require clothes that meet the latest trends and design, making clothing boutiques an evergreen business.

Beauty Parlour

Beauty parlour or unisex salon can be opened on a small scale or after making a low investment for a small business set up. A little investment is required towards training, understanding the quality measures and handling the equipment. A home set up of beauty parlour has worked well for many housewives. Many women have set up a home parlour offering simple and basic rejuvenation services. Click here to know more about setting up a beauty parlour in India.

Web Development or Social Media Marketing

Web development business or social media marketing does not require any office set up. Only good experience, expertise and the ability to acquire clients are required to set up a successful web development or social media marketing agency. In addition, web development or social media marketing business can be run as a part-time business making it very ideal for many women entrepreneurs with the right experience and expertise.

Content Writing

Content writing jobs are highly in demand. Further, content writing jobs are always in high demand with the rise of blogging and search engine marketing, wherein great content plays a vital role in developing a successful ecommerce business. For those planning to start a content writing business, its first best to start with a blog to showcase writing skills to potential clients or employers.

Daycare or Pre-School

Crèche and daycare business has proven to be a successful business venture women can easily start from home. Love for kids, eye for details, a lot of childproofing your home space and more can make this home business idea a successful one. Click here to know more about starting a pre-school in India.

Catering Business

The demand for home food is on the rise with youngsters moving from city to city. Restaurant food is definitely not the most preferred. Hence, home food is in demand and is also a gateway for women to set up a successful home-based catering business. Further, with the rise of food tech platforms like Hola Chef, its easy for women entrepreneurs to easily set up a home-based catering business without any hassles.

Pet Store

A pet store in a residential area will prove fruitful as many people are opting for a pet. Depending on the locality you are residing in, the items can be sourced and made available for pet owners. High-end areas have pet owners owning expensive dogs. Therefore making pet store a profitable home-based business idea.

Yoga Studio

The yoga studio at home can be a profitable business with the rise in trend toward leading having a healthier lifestyle. A successful yoga studio can be set up with minimal investment and knowledge of yoga.

Fine Arts Teaching

A fine arts centre at home can be started. From teaching dance classes to painting, drawing, artworks and more can all be taught under one roof. By obtaining a registration for the business and availing required recognised certificates for the students will add more weightage to this business concept.

Home Tutoring

Home tutoring and online tutoring can be done by teaching subjects entrepreneur is well versed in. Getting the home tutoring business registered offers more weightage to its authenticity and quality of coaching offered.

Facilities for Women Entrepreneurs

There are plenty of loan scheme and subsidies available for women entrepreneurs willing to start a home-based business or a small business venture by renting a place. Visit the article on loan for women entrepreneurs and subsidies for women entrepreneurs to know more. Talk to an IndiaFilings Business Advisor for more information about starting a business in India.