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Bhuseva and Bhudaar portal

Bhuseva and Bhudaar Portal

Bhuseva and Bhudaar Portal

The government of Andhra Pradesh has launched Bhuseva and Bhudaar portal as part of its e-progress program through which people can view land records online. The main objectives of this project are to identify areas and link them with Geo-Coordinates, allocating a unique identification number for each land and establishing the entire geographical map of Andhra Pradesh in digitised form. Citizens can get land record records online through this Bhuseva portal using Aadhaar card. The government also launched Bhudaar security policy to provide security to the land records of farmers. In this article, we will look at Bhuseva and Bhudaar portal in detail.

Bhuseva  Portal

Under Bhuseva programme, each agriculture land holding and rural and urban properties in Andhra Pradesh will be allotted a unique 11 digit identity number called Bhudaar. All the departments dealing with land records are participating in Bhuseva including Revenue, Municipal Administration, Registration, Survey and Settlement, Panchayat Raj, Forest, Endowments and Wakf. They are integrating the services related to land under the core platform called Bhuseva Portal.

Benefits of Bhuseva portal

Importance of Bhuseva portal is explained in detail below:

  • Bhuseva portal provides information related to all transactions of particular land or property in a single source.
  • The integration of the verified and updated land records will end litigation and corruption in land records and prevent tampering.
  • The land records will be available to the citizen on the lines of Aadhaar card enabling the citizen to carry their land records in their pocket.
  • A geo-referenced facility is introduced to enable the people to view the details of their land through satellite mapping.

Bhudaar Card

The Bhudaar is code to be assigned to each agriculture land holding and rural and urban property. The landowner can be generated Bhudaar card from the Bhuseva portal.

  • All revenue land-related transaction like mutation, registration will be performed using the Bhudaar card.

Temporary Bhudaar Card

The temporary Bhudhaar card is assigned based on valid textual data of an agriculture landholding or rural or urban property starting with 99 which indicates it is a temporary Bhudaar number. Temporary Bhudaar numbers are issued to lands under dispute or litigation or in the process of re-registration.

Permanent Bhudaar Card

The unique ID for a permanent Bhudaar card will start with 28, and if it is government land, 28 is followed by 00.

Types of Bhudaar cards

Two types of Bhudaar cards are available:

  • e-Bhudaar
  • M-Bhudaar

The landlord number is replaced with each transaction on the land/property, and the landlord number previously provided to the land division/property is unused.

Bhudaar Card Benefits

Bhudaar is validated when the landowner accepts the landlord and its related information on his land. There are many advantages of Bhudaar as described below:

  • Determining the status of the land
  • Since the data is re-examined and verified, landowners are not required to submit many sources and documents
  • The status of the applications can be tracked at any time
  • The result of services from the Geospace portal can be downloaded using the download option
  • This card provides information that is true to the people about land records information
  • Advance applicants receive advance information regarding services
  • The previous history of the relevant land records can be easily understood

Allocation of Bhudaar

When a citizen applies for ‘allotment’ on its territory, the respective land division divides the landlord on the axis.

Characteristics of Bhudaar Card

  • Single software for all types of survey systems.
  • The information recorded by Bhudaar can be linked to maps with realistic information on the ground.
  • This allows the survey to be done directly on daily transactions such as a sub-division.
  • It serves to view and print maps.
  • Database Policy: Anywhere / Anywhere available maps.
  • Platform independence: It supports working in Windows / Linux.

Get Bhudaar, Card

The e-bhudaar card can be downloaded from online. One can get the Bhudaar card from Mee Seva franchise.

Applying for Bhudaar Card through MeeSeva Franchise

Procedure to obtain Bhudaar Card through MeeSeva Franchise is explained in detail below.

Approach MeeSeva Franchise

Step 1: Applicant needs to approach the nearest MeeSeva Franchise, to apply for the Bhudaar Card

Submit an Application

 Step 2:  The applicant needs to apply in the prescribed format for obtaining Bhudaar Card at the MeeSeva Franchise. The application form for obtaining Andhra Pradesh Bhudaar Card is enclosed here.

Provide the following details in the application form:

Step 3: The request for Bhudaar Card will be forwarded online to the concerned authority.

Note: MeeSeva centre service operator will issue a receipt with the Bhudaar Card application number. Bhudaar Card application number will also be sent to the registered mail ID and mobile number. Keep it safe for future reference.

Application Processing

Step 4: The concerned authority will process trade Bhudaar Card request online.

Step 5: After downloading all verification and proceeding documents, the concerned authority will take action for issuing Bhudaar Card.

Get Bhudaar Card

Once the concerned authority approves the request, Bhudaar Card will be dispatched through courier from franchisee to the applicant’s address if Delivery Type is Speed Post Local or Non-Local.

If the Delivery type is Manual, then the citizen can collect the trade license from MeeSeva franchisee where he/she applied for the Certificate.