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Baskin Robbins Franchise

Baskin Robbins Franchise

Baskin Robbins Franchise

Own a Baskin Robbins Franchise and Spread Happiness

Ice creams are all-time favourites for people across all age groups. Irrespective of the occasion, serving ice creams have become a trend in all parties. As one of the leading brands for thick service ice cream in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry, Baskin Robbins delivers unique flavours of ice cream in fun atmosphere to guest and the globes. Today, BR continues to seek an exceptional candidate to bring more flavours, more fun, to new markets. If an entrepreneur intends to share this passion for products and guests, it is time to join the Baskin Robbins Franchise and bring the fun and unique flowers to the favourite corner of the globe. In this article, we look at the investment and eligibility for starting a Baskin Robbins Franchise in details.

Know more about Elements of Franchise Agreement

Baskin Robbins Franchise at a Glance

Baskin Robbins is one of the world’s most recognisable brands of ice cream treats and the world’s largest ice cream speciality chain. The first shop opened in California, the USA in 1945. Baskin Robbins has grown to nearly 7000 locations in 50 countries Baskin-Robbins stores throughout the world dish out global favourites like World Class Chocolate and Strawberry Cheesecake, but also local favourites, such as Green Tea and Rum Raisin.

No matter where all in the world, you all will find unparalleled quality and variety at every shop. Basin Robbins prides itself on providing strong global branding. Collaboration and partnership to ensure BR franchisee and licensees are on the road to success-wherever they may be operating their shops.

Baskin Robbins in India

Baskin Robbins started the franchise model in India from 1993. Baskin R ice creams are manufactured at BR own plant in Pune under licence from Baskin Robbins International.

Specialities of Baskin Robbins

All Vegetarian:  India is a country where the most of the population is vegetarian. Hence Baskin Robbins products in India are 100% vegetarian and are made from natural ingredients and cow milk.

Array of flavours: BR has over 100 flavours in ice cream bank and is able to cater to every palate.

Flavours of the month : The only constant at Baskin Robbins is the change. Keeping this in mind, BR introduces a new flavour every month.

Home delivery: Now every ice cream lovers can enjoy the goodness of Baskin Robinson at home by directly ordering it from an outlet nearest to him/her.

Gift vouchers: Indians can toast any celebrations with a Baskin Robbins ice cream. Gift vouchers at Rs.100 Rs.200 Rs.500 are available from the nearest Baskin Robbins outlet.

Why Baskin Robbins Franchise?

The Indian ice cream industry is one of the rapidly growing segments of the dairy and food processing. The ice cream industries in India generated revenue of more than USD 1.5 billion in 2016 and is projected to produce revenue of approximately USD 3.4 billion by 2021.

  • Largest International ice cream franchise in India
  • Low investment with high returns
  • Proven franchise model success since 1993 in India
  • Operational simplicity
  • Flexible real estate option available
  • Outstanding product innovations
  • Extraordinary training programmes
  • Store opening and supply chain support
  • Ongoing business consultation
  • Design and construction support
  • National, regional and local marketing programmes for the brand and individual stores
Image 2 Baskin Robbins Franchise
Image 2 Baskin Robbins Franchise

Options for the Entrepreneur

The entrepreneur willing to establish a venture in association with Baskin Robbins Franchise is provided with three start-up options, which are as follows:

  • Baskin Robbins Kiosk
  • Baskin Robbins Parlour
  • Baskin Robbins Lounge

Criteria for Infrastructure

Let us now examine each model regarding the requirements, be it infrastructural.

Baskin Robbins Kiosk

It can be established in a premise, the square feet of which merely need to be in the rage of 150 square feet and frontage needs to be in the range of more than 10 feet.

Baskin Robbins Parlour

 It can be established in a premise with square feet of 250 square feet and frontage of more than 12 feet.

Baskin Robbins Lounge

Baskin Robbins Lounge can be situated in an area of 500 square feet with the frontage of 15 feet.

Financial Requirements

Aspiring entrepreneurs are required to invest the below-mentioned sum in launching a Baskin Robbins franchise.


BR Kiosk

BR Parlour

BR Lounge

Investment Rs.11 lakh Rs.13 lakh Rs.18 lakh
Gross Margin 50% 46-48 % 52%
Civil Interior Rs.220000 Rs.300000 Rs.527860
Branding Rs.84000 Rs.116000 Rs.176970
Equipment and Furniture Rs.274000 Rs.320000 + 40000 Rs.501379 + 150000
Local Purchase items Rs.20000 Rs.20000 Rs.20000
Fees Rs.598000 Rs.796000 Rs.1376209
Franchise Fee (Includes store opening, marketing, project, consultancy and training fees)







POS fees Rs.30000 Rs.30000 Rs.30000
Service Tax As applicable As applicable As applicable
Total Investment (Approximately) Rs.1128000 Rs.1226000 Rs.1806209


  • All the figures are approximate and will vary as per the size of the outlet.
  • Projected investment does not include the cost of real estate, rent deposit or brokerage
  • Miscellaneous licenses are extra, which franchisee will bear
  • Additional refundable security deposit of Rs.50000

 Areas of Proposed Expansion

The ice cream chain intends to spread its wings and happiness across the various zonal locations of the country. The following are the locations shortlisted for the purpose:

  • North Zone – Delhi
  • South Zone –Tamil Nadu
  • East Zone – West Bengal
  • West Zone – Gujarat

Baskin Robbins Franchisee Profile

To grow with Baskin Robbins, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Passionate and enthusiastic entrepreneur
  • Sufficient capitalisation and financial ability to develop a network of multiple stores over a period
  • Enthusiasm and commitment towards the business
  • A long-term, strategic vision for expanding the Baskin Robbins brand 
  • Economic Credibility
Image 1 Baskin Robbins Franchise
Image 1 Baskin Robbins Franchise

Enrollment Details

If an entrepreneur is looking to build the business on a strong foundation, having Baskin Robbins franchise is the answer for it.

Fill the BR Franchise application form and send it to Baskin Robbins Head Office on the address given below. One of BR manager will contact entrepreneur to collect more information.

Baskin Robbins Head Office

Graviss Foods Pvt. Ltd

Strand Cinema Building,

C.S. No. 506 of Colaba Division,

Arthur Bunder Road, Colaba,

Mumbai – 400005

Tel: 022-6251-3131

We have herewith enclosed an application for BR franchise:

Baskin Robbins Application

If an entrepreneur wishes to join hands to spread happiness via ice cream and cash upon the vast opportunities of the ever-growing ice cream franchising, drop a mail at [email protected]

Apply through Phone

To become the Baskin Robbins Franchisee, you can directly contact the Head office on the phone, Contact Number: 022-6251-3131 and ask for Business Development Manager.

Agreement and Term Details

Once the applicant applies to become BR franchise, BR team will contact you to understand applicant’s needs and evaluate the needs and the location (if existing).The applicant would then be asked to sign the MOU, post which BR will share detailed business information with the applicant. As soon as the applicant confirms the BR Head office approves the interest in partnering with BR and the application, the new BR franchisee needs to sign a 5-year franchise agreement. BR will provide all possible support at the time of opening the parlour and also after the parlour gets operational.

Training and Support from BR

Business Development – Site selection, negotiations on behalf of the entrepreneur, consultation with malls, other channels of business for franchisee

Projects – Store design, store construction, coordinating with contractors and architects, monitoring of work in progress, store completion certificate

Operational Support – Professionally trained operation team to guide franchisee in their business, troubleshooting for a rapid growth of the franchisee’s business

IT support – Hardware and software support, software operations training, sales analysis, promotional analysis

Distribution – Pan India, professional cold supply chain, availability of stocks

Training for BR franchisee

  • All operational procedures will be imparted to all crew members and franchisee
  • Company field trainers will provide ongoing brand and product training from time to time
  • New product launch training, training audits will also be regularly done

For Franchise Enquiries Contact

  • North Zone – Pradeep Kapahi : Mobile Number: 9650777882 and Mail Id: [email protected]
  • East Zone – Chitra Agarwal : Mobile Number: 9874066822 and Mail Id: [email protected]
  • West Zone – Rajesh Mahades : Mobile Number: 9930251068 and Mail Id: [email protected]
  • South Zone – Manoj Pathak: Mobile Number: 8861884481 and Mail id: [email protected]