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Agmark Grading Scheme

Agmark Grading Scheme

Agmark Grading Scheme

The Agriculture Department of the Indian Government has introduced the Agmark Grading scheme to ensure the quality of agricultural products that are produced by the farmers of each of the States.

Objectives of the Scheme

  • The primary goal of the scheme is to provide consumers with good quality of food with unadulterated food products.
  • An Agmark symbol is provided for the correct weight of the food products that are guaranteed by State Governments
  • Agmark labels are issued only to the authorised packers under the direct supervision of the officers for certifying the quality and purity of the agricultural products that are produced by the farmers of the State.
  • This Agmark quality grading and certification are done for Export and Domestic Trade purposes.

How Agmark Standards are fixed?

The Scientific approach is made to fix the grade standard of each product. Samples of the agricultural products from all over the parts of the country are brought, directly from the producing area, wholesale markets, etc. And these products are analysed in each of the Regional Agmark Laboratories that is spread across the country. The standards are drafted and are framed based on the data that is obtained. The standards are framed following the:

Agmark Certified products

This scheme is voluntary, and the commodity products that are certified under the Agmark for domestic trade are ghee, butter, spices, oil, mustard, wheat atta, honey, Besan, etc. Products that are included for Export are fruits and vegetables in which the most important is grapes and onions. For Edible Vegetable Oils and Fat spread certification under the Agmark grading is mandatory as per The Food Safety and Standards Act and regulations, 2006.

Advantage of Agmark

As the State governments approve Agmark,

  • The farmers are most benefitted as more subsidies are allotted for the product with Agmark
  • Marketing of the product is improved
  • Quality of product is sustained

Process for Agmark certification

  • A farmer who wants to get the certification should have the necessary infrastructure to process the products for Agmark grading. And also should have an approved laboratory for grading.
  • The Chemist who has approved tests all the raw materials and the processed food products before the packing is done in suitable packing material or containers.
  • The officers of Directorate of Marketing and Inspection (DMI) will have a regular check on the samples from the packers and market.
  • All the samples which have undergone the test will be analysed in Regional Agmark Laboratories (
  • The product will be rejected if it does not meet the prescribed standards.

Application process

The application form and the list of necessary documents to be submitted can be obtained from the nearest field office or the DMI official

    1. Click on the certificate of Authorisation to apply for Agmark certification on the commodities for manufacturing/packing premises.
    2. Click on the Certificate of Printing permission to apply for printing permission of the Agmark grading copy which is previously certified.
    3. Click on Certificate of Approval of Laboratory to apply for the approval of the laboratory to grade the agricultural products under Agmark for domestic trade.
Agmark Registration
Agmark Registration
  • Filling the Form: The applicant must use the secondary user id and password to sign in and access the online application form to fill in all the proposed unit. All the manufacturing units and packing units must apply online to get a Certificate of Authorization (CA). The applicant must upload all the necessary documents in PDF
  • Verification and Approval: The final procedure is the verification process and after which the commodity will be approved for getting the Agmark grade.

Agmark Logo

Consumers should look for the Agmark symbol and grade on the container of the product to find out if the product is certified under Agmark.

Agmark Logo

  • If the consumers are not satisfied with the quality of the agricultural products that are certified under Agmark, they can register a complaint to the Agricultural Marketing Adviser with all the necessary details such as Agmark label, serial number, lot no, date of packing, name, and address of the seller.
  • If the complaint is genuine, the needed action will be taken against the concerned packer as per the APGM Act 1937. And the exchange of the product will be given free of cost as a replacement to the consumer.

Contact Details for Agmark Certification

Joint Secretary (Marketing)-cum-Agricultural Marketing Adviser to the Government of India, DAC&FW, MoA&FW, Government of India, Room No.237, Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi-110001, E-mail: [email protected]

Joint Agricultural Marketing Adviser, DMI, DAC&FW, MoA&FW, Government of India, CGO Complex, NH-IV, Faridabad-121001, Phone: 0129-2415710, E-mail: [email protected]

Deputy Agricultural Marketing Adviser (QC), Nodal Officer Agmarkonline, DMI, DAC&FW, MoA&FW, Government of India, CGO Complex, NH-IV, Faridabad-121001, Phone: 0129-2415316, 2434346, E-mail: [email protected]

The details of regional offices can be accessed below:

Regional Contacts for Agmark