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  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Partnership Deed

LLP registration and deed drafting including Government Fee & Stamp Duty*.

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LLP Registration In Haryana

A complete guide for LLP registration in Haryana.

LLP or Limited liability partnership is a type of business entity that provides the advantages of a private limited company and the operating flexibility of a partnership firm.

If you are confused about which type of entity suits your type of business plan suits the most. Here's a complete guide for registering an LLP in Haryana.

When an entity is registered as LLP the individual is not responsible or liable for other partner’s negligence or any misconduct.

Process for LLP registration in Haryana.

For registering an LLP in Haryana the first step begins with obtaining Digital Signatures for all the proposed Partners.

At the next stage, a request is filed with the MCA for reserving the name of the LLP.

We draft the incorporation documents and send them to the partners for signature, A scanned copy of the documents must be uploaded on the IndiaFilings platform.

Our incorporation then sends the signed copy of the documents to the MCA for approval.

The last step to register an LLP in Haryana is when our experts draft an LLP deed which is to be signed by all the partners.

The LLP deed is verified and uploaded by our experts on the MCA portal within 30 days of incorporation.

What are the advantages of LLP registration in Haryana?

LLP registration in Haryana is comparatively easier as the process has fewer formalities.

The registration cost is low as compared to a company.

LLP registration in Haryana can be done with any amount of capital

IndiaFilings is the market leader in providing LLP registration services in Haryana. We also offer a variety of business registration services like Private Limited Company, OPCs, Nidhi Company, Section 8 Company, etc.


LLP registration requires a minimum of 2 partners and a maximum of any number of people who can register an LLP in Haryana.
Any person who is above 18 years of age can register an LLP in Haryana. LLP Act 2018 allows foreign nationals to register LLP in Mumbai or any part of India.
There is no such requirement of minimum capital to register an LLP in Haryana, It can be started with any amount of money.
IndiaFilings can help in registering an LLP in Haryana within 15-20 working days. The registration time is, however, subject to the submission of documents by the applicant.
Yes, a partnership firm can be converted into an LLP. Converting a partnership firm into an LLP in Haryana.

Documents Required For Limited Liability Partnership

Incorporation Certificate

If the trademark is registered under a company or LLP.

Partnership Deed

If the trademark is registered under a partnership firm.


Of the authorised signatory.


Of the authorised signatory.

TM-1 Prepared

This document will be prepared once the required documents are uploaded.

Form-48 Signed

Please print document in color. Authorised signatory to sign on each of the pages.


Please upload the logo in black and white to ensure all colors of the trademark are covered under the registration.

Trademark Application

Application form will be prepared after the signed Form 48 & TM-1 approval is provided.

UDYAM Registration

To be uploaded by the Client or will be obtained by IndiaFilings. UDYAM registration is required to avail discounted trademark filing government fees.

Opposed Journal Copy

Trademark Certificate


MSME Certificate

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Trademark Registration

Verified Customer

28 September 2022

How can we improve?

I want to appreciate her service in the trademark mark registration process......Thank you

Private Limited Company

Verified Customer

28 September 2022

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Nicely done ROC in just 2-3 working days, Thanks deepali and indiafilling Team.

Trademark Registration

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27 September 2022

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Very good

GST Registration

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I am satisfied with her proper service Excellent Service. On-time and very nicely coordinated and communicated. Thank you,

UDYAM Registration

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27 September 2022

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Good Service Provided and Very positive Good Service Provided with india filings

Trademark Registration Certificate

Verified Customer

27 September 2022

How can we improve?

Extremely pleased with the TM registration service that had been made effortless from my part by Ms. Keerthana. I also received timely updates regarding the progress of the filing from the team at Ledgers.

Current Account Opening

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27 September 2022

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Good Work.

Flipkart GST Registration

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27 September 2022

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