Business Ideas for Women

Business Ideas for Women

The popularity and prevalence of women-run business are increasing in India. More and more women living in urban areas are now open to the ideas of Entrepreneurship, leading to the growth of many new small businesses and employment opportunities. Women by nature are able to maintain a balance in the social, personal and family life – making them ideal Entrepreneurs. In this article, we look at some business ideas for women, which give them an opportunity to work from home or independently – while easily managing their work, social and family life.

Fashion Boutique

The prevalence of fashion boutiques selling niche or customised clothing is growing day by day. From customisation to made-to-order clothing, the demand for boutique and fashion never stops. For women to keep a fashion business running successfully, It requires a creative mind, social media experience, management skills and the ability to hire the right talent. Entrepreneurs can open boutiques by bootstrapping in the initial days and gradually developed into an independent store. Further, the recent growth of online platforms has also opened newer customer channels for women Entrepreneurs working from home. Customers will always require clothes that meet the latest trends and design. Hence, the fashion boutique’s will never go out of fashion or business. Know more about starting a fashion business here.

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Beauty Parlour

Beauty parlour or unisex salon can be opened on a small scale or after making a low initial investment in interior and equipment. Additional investment may also be required towards training, understanding the quality measures and handling the equipment. A home set up of beauty parlour has worked well for many housewives, with many operating successfully for decades. There are also many bank loan schemes available to finance the setting up of women-owned beauty parlour, making it an ideal first business for women interested in the wellness industry. Know more about starting an independent beauty parlour or a VLCC Franchise.

Freelancing Online

Freelancing online and performing tasks like medical transcription, web development, accounting or other services through the internet does not require any office setup. All that is required to start a freelancing business is experience, the required tools and space to work. Most freelance jobs do not have a set schedule or involve any travelling, making it an ideal way to earn extra income for stay-at-home mothers.

Creche or Play School

Crèche and play school’s have proven to be businesses into which women can easily venture with minimal investment. Love for kids, eye for details and ability to hire caring teachers will ensure the playschool is a success. Further, there are also bank loans available to help women entrepreneurs establish playschools, making it an ideal opportunity for many aspiring women entrepreneurs. Know more about starting a playschool.

Catering Service

With the population in urban areas becoming increasingly young, mobile and working, the demand for food services has risen dramatically. Restaurant food is definitely not the most preferred these days, making home food more attractive and on-demand. Further, with many new online platforms like tackling home-cooked – food delivery,  starting and operating a food catering service from home is easier than ever. The only thing required for starting a catering business from home is a business entity, tax registration and food business license.

Home Tutoring

The demand for education is never-ending. Women can easily start tutoring classes specialising in school education to dance classes to painting, drawing, artworks and more. With little or no investment a home tutoring centre can be started and operated, build a solid second source of income for the family.

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