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TSRTC – Passenger Schemes

Telangana State Road Transport Corporation, otherwise known as TSRTC, is a state-owned Transport Company dedicated to providing transportation services within the newly formed Indian state of Telangana. After getting separated from the State of Andra Pradesh, the Telangana government first planned to initiate its own State Road Transportation called TSRTC. Currently, TSRTC serves about 9.2 million passengers every day, having three zones and services operating through 94 depots. TSRTC’s official online booking website is In this article, we look at some of the passenger schemes offered by TSRTC.

TSRTC Passenger Schemes

TSRTC operates various concessional passenger schemes based on the traveler age group and the purpose of travel. Few of the passenger schemes are as follows:

Navya CAT (Concessional Annual Travel) card

Initially introduced in March 2013, the Navya CAT passengers Card costs just Rs. 250 per year and Rs. 100 per card, for renewal. The government provides accident compensation of Rs. 1.75 Lakh for the new card and 2 Lakh for a renewed card. There is also an option for getting an “Add-On card” for just Rs.100 for a maximum of 4 members of the family, including Wife, son, and daughter (Unmarried).

Vihari Card

The Vihari card is the replacement for JHT, IJHT, and CGC. The tariff of the Vihari card is Rs. 610, which enables the cardholder to travel anywhere within the city irrespective of the number of times he travels. This includes his inter-state travels paying only 50% of the actual fare for each trip. The card can be canceled before 00:00 hrs before the commencement of the journey. Cancellation at the right time of validity will provide a refund of Rs. 457.

Vanitha Family Card

The Vanitha Family card is provided to the families who come under the “White Ration card” category. This was introduced to provide low-cost transport option for the people who fall under the white ration category. The card costs Rs.100 on providing the ration card details. Add on the card is also offered to the family with Rs. 20 per head.

Silver Card

Silver cards are monthly cards of 20 days’ validity. This card is specially provided to the Pallevelugu and Express types. The silver card provides an option for the passengers to travel within 75 Km with 5 Km slabs. There is no child ticket for the silver tickets.

Travel as you like Ticket

This enables the passengers of Hyderabad, Secunderabad, and Warangal to travel anywhere within the suburban limits for 24 Hrs in just Rs. 80 in any Non-AC bus. The passenger will have to pay Rs.160/- for 24 Hrs to travel on the AC bus.

Accommodation Linked Tickets to Shiridi

This Ticket enables the passenger to travel from Hyderabad to Shiridi on a fare that includes the price for Accommodation at Shiridi. This provides the passenger with a tension-free journey and also avail accommodation at a reasonable price.

Online Passenger Reservation System

OPRS – Online Passenger Reservation System enables the passenger to book tickets online from anywhere to anywhere using their OPRS User-ID and password in their Smartphone or any internet device. The passenger can pay the fare using net banking or debit cards and credit cards. He will receive an e-Ticket to the registered mobile number through SMS. At the time of boarding the coach, the passenger can display the SMS E-Ticket.

Round trip Concession

The passenger can avail of a 10% concession on every round trip booking in all AC coach bookings.

Flexi Fares

This fare is exclusively for AC coaches that go on a trip from Hyderabad to Pune and Mumbai to Hyderabad.

  • Mumbai to Hyderabad: Rs. 1800 on Friday and Rs. 1200 on other days.
  • Hyderabad to Mumbai: Rs. 1800 on Sunday and Rs. 1200 on other days.
  • Pune to Hyderabad: Rs.+150 on the actual fare on Friday.
  • Hyderabad to Pune: Rs.+150 on the actual fare on Sunday.

TSRTC Bus Fare Schemes

As a part of aid from the Telangana RTC, certain features like concession and free transportation is provided to a particular category of people based on various criteria. They are as follows:

  • Students below 12 years of age.
  • Free travel bus passes to a girl studying up to class x and below.
  • Student passes in cities or towns.
  • Students of high schools or colleges.
  • Special general bus tickets.
  • Exclusive trips to special schools or colleges.
  • Physically handicapped bus passes.
  • Greater Hyderabad pass.
  • Monthly general bus tickets.
  • Bus passes to NGO’s.
  • Free bus passes to youth attending interviews.
  • Monthly season ticket (MOFUSSIL).
  • The monthly route passes (cities or towns).
  • Travel facilities for MLAs and MPs.
  • Passes for freedom fighters.
  • Employees’ children.