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Trade Promotion Council of India

Trade Promotion Council of India

Trade Promotion Council of India

Trade promotion council of India (TPCI) is the highest level of a trade organisation. It is also an organisation that promotes investment that is recognised by the Foreign Trade Policy and supported by the Department of Commerce.

Their primary goal is to facilitate the growth of Indian industries with global investments & trade opportunities. The organisation also provides strategies for expanding business on an international scale. This strategy is facilitated by conducting business events, trade shows, business delegations, and seminars on a global platform and at the same time coordinating with the Government by offering suggestions on policies based on inputs taken from industrial research and industry investors.

Mission of TPCI

To speed up India’s global trade through advanced research and trade promotion.

Functions of TPCI

  • Advanced Trade Research
    • Promoting India’s trade policy
    • Promoting economic diplomacy through research
  • Trade Promotion
    • Exploring various avenues on international markets not tapped into
    • Encouraging new exports
  • Trade Facilitation
    • Identifying hindrance
    • Closing the gap between industries and authorities through continuous interaction.
  • Investment Promotion
    • Exploring scopes of businesses
    • Bringing about investments in potential or upcoming business sectors.

Focus Areas of TPCI

  • Food and Agriculture
  • Pharma, health care, Medical equipment and machinery
  • Information and Communication technology
  • Tourism
  • Dyes, chemicals, and hydrocarbons
  • Retails
  • World Trade Organization (WTO), Free Trade Agreements (FTA), and foreign trade
  • Textiles and Apparel
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Stone, ceramic, and building material
  • Rubber and rubber products
  • Plastic products and machinery
  • Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

Services offered by TPCI

Certificate of Origin (C.O.)

  • The most vital document provided by TPCI to its members and non-members as far as commerce and trade are concerned.
  • The purpose of issuing members and non-members is to indicate that the products are of Indian origin.
  • An important document for all exporters to indicate that the products are exported by a concerned individual or entity.
  • Important for customs clearance in the buyer’s or importing country.

Documents Required for Issuing Certificate of Origin

  • “Permanent indemnity bond” on a minimum-value non-judicial stamp paper duly signed by the Director/Partner/Proprietor and notarised. The bond must be furnished with attested copies of:
    • PAN Card
    • IEC certificate
    • Company Profile
    • KYC for non-members.
  • A Copy of invoice and packing list stamped & signed by the exporter.
  • A copy of the Power of Attorney in favour of authorised signatory in the case of:
    • Partnership firms (OR)
    • Proprietor firms (OR)
    • Aboard resolution in the case of a company. For member exporters who are, on a regular basis, obtaining their Certificate of Origin, this document shall be submitted one time only accompanied with the above mentioned permanent Indemnity Bond. For non-members, the indemnity bond and power of attorney must be submitted for every certificate of origin application.
  • In the case of re-export of imported goods, a relevant clearance certificate issued by the Customs department to indicate:
    • Goods entered the country legally
    • All dues and taxes are paid

Fees for Cost of Certificate of Origin

  • For Members, C.O. can be obtained for payment of Rs.50 + GST
  • For Non-members, C.O. can be obtained for a payment of Rs.100 + GST

Business Services

  • Providing detailed information to all TPCI members on:
    • Global business trends and analysis
    • Data on specific industries
    • Detailed information on the export performance of members versus the rest of the world
    • Potential markets for the sale of members’ products
    • Product and business demand trends

Visa Recommendation

  • Provision of visa recommendation letter accepted by embassies.

Procedure to obtain a visa recommendation letter

  • Available online from Member’s Dashboard under “Services” by clicking on “Visa Recommendation” which will take applicants to “Visa Recommendation Letter page”.
  • This is followed by clicking “Apply New” and reading the Application instructions.

Membership of TPCI

Patron members

  • Constitutes specialised sector-based sub-committees having ordinary members, including Institutional and Professional Members.
  • Leads sector-based sub-committees in their functions.
  • Also form the TPCI management committee by voting to elect a president of the society for a 1-year term.
  • Membership fee: rs.2,00,000 + GST

Ordinary Members

  • Consists of the following categories of members based on the nature of the activity of the members.
  • These members do not have any voting rights.
  • These members are:
  • Ordinary Members
  • Institutional Members
  • Professional Members
  • Membership fee: Rs.10,000 + GST

Partial Members

  • These members, considered to be essential members of the society, issue Certificate of Origin – Non-preferential (NP) alone.
  • All other business services are charged separately from these members at reasonable rates. This rate is without extending any subsidiary.
  • Membership fee: Rs.500 + GST

Benefits of TPCI membership

For Ordinary Members

  • Accessing to global buyers and partners by participating in:
    • Government-funded industrial exhibitions
    • Buyer-Seller Meetings
    • Programs organised by “Trade Missions” across the world.
  • Regular interactions & business contacts with TPCI’s members, international business agencies, and business diplomats to get information on market trends & deeper knowledge by attending industrial workshops
  • Availing facilities – Certificate Of Origin & Visa Recommendation letters for paying official business complete access to publications of the TPCI council for free.
  • Participating in skill development and training workshops organised by TPCI at an affordable subsidised rate.
  • Availing business services on a demand basis at a minimum cost depending on the proportion of service required.

For Patron Members

  • All the benefits accessed by the ordinary members
  • Consideration for Chairmanship and Co-chairmanship of Expert Sectoral and International Committees
  • The nomination of members on Committees & Advisory Forums constituted by the government of different countries.
  • Consideration for participating in high-level delegation meetings, mainly Indian and International government diplomats.
  • Availing TPCI business services on demand.
  • Accessing to TPCI Global Economic Monitor every month for free.
  • Taking part in important dealings pertaining to all correspondence by the secretariat.

Registration for TPCI membership

Stakeholders can register themselves online and offline with TPCI by going to the following link:

Contact information

Trade Promotion Council of India
9, 2nd Floor, Scindia House
Connaught Circus
New Delhi 110001, India
Tel: 91 (11) 40727272