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Tamil Nadu Lift License 

Lift License is a legal permit that has to be obtained from the Government for the operation of lift or escalator in a building in India. The rules and regulations pertaining to a Lift License are governed by the Tamil Nadu Lifts and Escalators Rules, 1997. Before installation or alteration of an elevator in the building, there are a certain set of approvals one needs to seek. Let us look in detail about the Tamil Nadu Lift License in this article.

Tamil Nadu Lifts and Escalators Rules, 1997

As per the provisions, every owner of a complex/building/project who intends to erect a Lift or an Escalator or to make additions or alterations to existing Lift or Escalator has to apply for the license approval dependent on important factors, including whether the lift is being installed and maintained by an authorised contractor. In addition, the construction, maintenance and safe working of elevators are regulated by the Lift Acts and Rules whereas the Indian Standards (IS) will be applicable for the installations across the country.

Terms and Conditions of License for Working a Lift/Escalator

Every lift or escalator would be operated with subject to the below-listed terms and conditions that are as follows:

  • In case of any defect in the operation of the lift or escalator, the licensee must immediately report to the inspector.
  • The licensee must obtain permission from the inspector to carry out any additions or alterations to a lift or an escalator erected as required under these rules.
  • The licensee must not use the lift or escalator which is not in a safe condition and to be solely responsible for the safe maintenance of lift or an escalator.
  • The maintenance of the lift or an escalator has to be done by a manufacturer of lifts or escalators or company of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers approved by the Inspector.
  • The licensee shall produce test reports obtained from the competent person authorised under rule 14 for the lift or escalator installation at the end of every year from the date of grant or renewal of a license.
  • The licensee has to produce test reports that are obtained from the competent person for the lift or escalator installation at the end of every year from the date of grant or renewal of the license.
  • Every lift operator, if appointed in case of manually operated lift or escalator, must have the age limit of 18 years and must be a person who has been trained in the correct operation of the lift or escalator.
  • When a lift or escalator erected at any place ceases to be used as such, the owner would either remove it or keep it in safe mechanical condition after disconnecting it completely from the electric supply; all gates and doors would be securely locked, so as to prevent the accidental entry to lift well or escalator and to prevent inadvertent use.
  • All electrical works in connection with the erection of lift or escalator would be carried out in accordance with the terms of the Electricity Act, 2003. 

Fee Structure

The license fee for the working a Lift or Escalator are as follows:

  • In case of lift having 5 landings – Rs.2,500
  • In case of lift having more than 5 landings – Rs.5,000
  • For each escalator – Rs.10,000
  • In the case of the existing escalator – Rs.20,000

Fee for the renewal of the license is as follows:

  • In case of lift having 5 landings – Rs.5,000
  • In case of lift having more than 5 landings – Rs.10,000/
  • For each escalator – Rs.10,000

Application Procedure for Obtaining Lift License

To apply for the Lift Erection Permission, the applicant has to follow the below procedure:

Step 1: To erect a Lift or an Escalator and to make additions or alterations to existing Lift or Escalator, the applicant has to make an application in Form “A” to the Inspector.

Step 2: Every application will be accompanied by one set of drawings duly signed by the applicant. Click on Form A on the official website of Tamil Nadu Electrical Inspectorate.

Step 3: Fill in Form A with all the mandatory details and upload the duly filled additional forms as prescribed. Then click on the “Apply” button.

Step 4: In the preview form, the changes can be done using the’Go Back’ button. Otherwise, click on the Print button to print the Form A and put the signature.

Step 5: Click on continue to upload the signed Form A and Lift drawings(Optional) or Later the applicant can submit the signed Form A.

Step 6: Pay the prescribed fee (challan) in the office as per the fee structure tabulated above.

Step 7: To generate e-Challan the applicant needs to fill the challan form available with the department for requisite fees 

Step 8: On receipt of an application, the inspector will make such inquiries and required, the applicant to furnish such additional information in Form A either grant permission in Form B or refuse the permission applied for, within 1 month from the date of receipt of the application.

The owner of the place who is permitted to erect a lift, on completion of erection has to apply for a license by the following procedure.

Step 9: Upon the completion of erection, the owner has to give notice to the Inspector and must provide an application Form “C” along with the following enclosures for getting the license:

  • A work completion record of the erection of Lift or Escalator in Form “D” as obtained either from the manufacturer of Lifts or Escalators or a Company of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
  • A completion report in Form “E” from the licensed electrical contractor
  • A challan remitted into Government Treasury or by means of electronic payment through the official website of Tamil Nadu Electrical Inspectorate.
  • Proof of insurance policy taken by the owner of the Lift or Escalator, covering insurance for the persons using such lift or escalator

Step 10: On receipt of an application, the Inspector would arrange for the inspection process of the Lift or Escalator within 15 days and on getting himself satisfied that all the requirements of the Act, he would grant the license in Form “F” within 15 days from the date of receipt of compliance report of rectification of defects.

Renewal of Lift License

An application for renewal of a license to work a lift shall be made in Form “G” to the inspector three months prior to the date of expiry of the license along with a fee of Rs.500 a lift towards the renewal of license remitted into a Government Treasury.

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