Senior Citizen Identity Card

Senior Citizen Identity Card

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Senior Citizen Identity Card

The Government of India provides various facilities for its Citizens. Special attention is always provided to the senior citizens of the Country, and it has resulted in the National Capital along with various other states offering Senior Citizen Identity Card in order to assist senior citizens while availing the schemes allotted for them and also for various other requirements.

Eligibility Criterion

The applicant should satisfy the following eligibility criterion to attain the Senior Citizen Identity Card:

  • Every individual applying for the Identity Card should be above 60 years old.
  • The applicant should possess a Government proof stating that he/she is a permanent Resident of the State.
  • Applicants satisfying the above-mentioned criterion are eligible for online registration towards getting a Senior Citizen Identity Card.

Benefits of Senior Citizen Identity Card

There are several benefits incorporated behind the distribution of Senior Citizen Identity Card which is enlisted as follows:

  • The Senior Citizen Identity Card allows the cardholder to avail numerous facilities such as discounts in Railway tickets and Flight tickets.
  • The application process towards availing Senior Citizen Identity Card is absolutely free of cost.

Documents Required

  • The primary document required is the proof of residence issued by the Corresponding State officials to the applicant.
  • The candidates should also submit a government document stating their Date of Birth which serves as the age proof.

Application Procedure

The applicant may apply for the Senior Citizen Identity Card by filling up the details in an Online Form available on the official website of each state. For reference, kindly check the Online application form updated for the National Capital Region here. Similarly, the online forms are available in the official websites of various state governments. The applicant has to register and submit the application form along with two photographs and a copy of the address proof and an age proof document. Followed by this, the applicant may proceed with the registration process. Every applicant who has submitted the required documents and has completed the registration process will receive the Senior Citizen Identity Card after the approval of the application and verification of documents.

For further details required or for other clarifications to be made about the application procedure to attain Senior Citizen Identity Card, the citizens can reach out to the officials at the toll-free number 1291 or 100.

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