Reissue of Passport

Reissue of Passport

Reissue of Passport

A passport is an essential document that one requires to travel to other countries. The Government of India, with the help of the Passport Seva Kendra, issues passports to citizens who are eligible and thereby, enabling them to travel outside their country. The validity of an Indian passport is for 10 years after which the passport must be reissued or renewed. In this article, we take a look at Re-issue of Passports and the necessary details concerning the same.

Need for Reissue of Passport

One may apply for a re-issue of their passport for any of the following reasons:

  • Validity of their passport has expired or is due to expire within the next 3 years.
  • Change in any personal details such as Name, Date of Birth, Address, and so on.
  • When the passport has expired for more than 3 years.
  • One would be required to apply for a re-issue of the passport if the same has been damaged/ disfigured.
  • When the pages of the passport are exhausted.
  • When the whereabouts of their passport is unknown, they would be required to file an FIR at the police station nearest to their location and submit the same along with the application for the re-issue of their passport.

Re-issue vs Renewal

The following are the significant differences between the re-issuance and renewal of an Indian passport.

Re-issue of Passports:

A passport is re-issued when the user requires an entirely new and fresh passport. When the passport is re-issued, a new booklet is issued as a passport to the applicant. Passport re-issuance is generally confused with the renewal of the same. The reasons for the re-issue of passports have been given above in detail.

Passport Renewal:

Renewal of a passport occurs in the case where passports are issued for a short period of time or with a short validity. This period may last anywhere between 1-5 years, and its validity is required to be extended to 10 years like a regular Indian passport. It is essential for one to carry their old passport when they need their passport renewed. While, the Passport Number will remain the same, the Date of Expiry changes. The modifications will be done to the existing or old passport.

Documents Required

Given below are a list of standard documents that are required by an individual in order to file an application for re-issue of their passport. The Passport Seva Kendra may ask the applicant for additional information and documents excluding the ones mentioned below, as required:

  • Identity Proof
    • A legally recognized document that indicates the complete name of the applicant. This is to be submitted as it is essential for the applicant’s name on their passport to appear similar to their official records.
  • Photographs
    • Applicants are required to submit 2 recent passport-sized photographs of themselves while passport re-issuance. However, most Passport Seva Kendras (PSKs) are equipped with cameras that are designed to take passport-sized photographs.
  • Proof of Age
    • An official document that confirms the Date of Birth of the applicant is to be submitted. Birth Certificate or Transfer Certificate from the applicant’s school would clearly mention the Date of Birth and would serve as a proof of age.
  • Proof of Address
    • An official document that confirms the location where the applicant resides is to be submitted. The address mentioned in the submitted document must match with that on the application form.
  • Certain pages of the Applicant’s Passport: 
    • The individual is required to submit self-attested copies of the first two pages and the last two pages of the old passport.
  • Old Passport: 
    • The applicant is required to surrender their expired passport booklet prior to availing a new passport.
  • Appointment Application Receipt
    • If an appointment with the PSK has been fixed online, the applicant would be required to show a printout of the final page. The page confirms the payment made by the applicant for the appointment along with other details such as the time and the date of the appointment.

Process for Re-Issuance

Getting your passport re-issue is quite simple. You have to visit a Passport Seva Kendra closest to you and make an application. A requisite fee would have to be paid by the applicant for the re-issue process. You may also apply for the same online. Below are the steps of the online procedure detailing on how to get your passport re-issued.

Passport Login Registration

The following steps have to be completed to register yourself on the Passport Seva portal.

Step 1: Visit the official website of Passport Seva.

Step 1-Re-issue of Passports
Step 1-Re-issue of Passports

Step 2: Click on the New User? Register Now tab.

Step 2-Re-issue of Passports
Step 2-Re-issue of Passports

Step 3: Now, select the Passport Office that is closest to your location.

Step 3-Re-issue of Passports
Step 3-Re-issue of Passports

Step 4: Enter the essential personal details, as shown on the page.

Step 5: Create your Login ID and Password as per the portal’s terms and conditions.

Step 5-Re-issue of Passports
Step 5-Re-issue of Passports

Step 6: Select the Hint Question and Answer as you require. This will come in handy your log in details are lost.

Step 6-Re-issue of Passports
Step 6-Re-issue of Passports

Step 7: Click on the Register icon.

Step 7-Re-issue of Passports
Step 7-Re-issue of Passports

Step 8: Now, you will receive an activation link in your registered email. Click on the link to activate your Passport Seva account.

Step 8-Re-issue of Passports
Step 8-Re-issue of Passports

Step 9: Your account is now activated. You may now proceed with your application to renew your passport.

Step 9-Re-issue of Passports
Step 9-Re-issue of Passports

Passport Renewal Application

Below given are the steps to be followed in order to submit your application for the renewal of your passport on the Passport Seva portal.

Step 1: Visit the official website of Passport Seva.

Step 1A-Re-issue of Passports
Step 1A-Re-issue of Passports

Step 2: Click on the link Existing User? Login icon.

Step 2B-Re-issue of Passports
Step 2B-Re-issue of Passports

Step 3: Now, you must click on the Apply for fresh passport/ Re-issue of passport tab.

Step 3A-Re-issue of Passports
Step 3A-Re-issue of Passports

Step 4: Next, fill the Form available on the portal.

Step 4A-Re-issue of Passports
Step 4A-Re-issue of Passports

Note: You will have to provide details like current address, of their spouse, amongst other necessary details. You would also be required to provide the details of two local references which could be contacted for police verification. You must click on the Validate option and save the form after you are done entering the city or village. The saved file is then uploaded to the same page from where it was downloaded. By doing so, the details will automatically be entered in the application form. In the end, you need to verify all the information to ensure that there are no mistakes in the application form.

Step 4B-Re-issue of Passports
Step 4B-Re-issue of Passports

Step 5: Review all the information that you have entered before submitting the Form. These details can not be changed later, and you may need to start again if there are errors.

Step 6: Click on the option to View Saved/ Submitted Application in order to schedule an appointment.

Note: You may schedule an appointment by clicking on the Schedule Appointment tab. Next, you need to select an available slot which is convenient for you. Once this is confirmed, the appointment at the passport office that you opted for at the designated time.

Step 7: Online payment is mandatory for booking appointments at the Passport Seva Kendra.

Step 8: Complete the payment process through any of the accepted modes of payment.

Step 9: If internet banking is not accessible for you, including debit card and credit card, you may print an offline challan and make the payment at any SBI Branch. The bank will take upto 2 days to verify the payment.

Step 10: After you have completed the application process, click on the Print Application Receipt tab. This receipt would contain all the essential details along with the Application Reference Number.

After the appointment is scheduled, the individual must go to the passport office on the designated date and time. One may even show the SMS that they have received as a proof of appointment while visiting the Passport Seva Kendra or the passport office. Ensure not to miss the appointment as one will have to re-apply for an appointment all over again.

Police Verification

Once the applicant has made the request to re-issue their passport and has submitted it successfully, the Passport Seva makes a decision whether the applicant requires a police verification or not. It should be noted that there exist two types of police verification.

  • Pre-police verification: A pre-police verification would be conducted if there are changes to the Name, Address or any other personal details in the application for the re-issuance of their passport. This is done to ensure that the applicant has furnished accurate information in the application that they submitted.
  • Post-police verification: A post-police verification would be conducted if there NO are changes to the Name, Address or any other personal details in the application for the re-issuance of their passport.

It should be noted that pre-police verification and post-police verification would depend on the records of the applicant at the Passport Seva and the availability of resources to execute such checks.

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