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Recent advisory on HSN vis-à-vis filing of GSTR-1

Recent advisory on HSN

Recent advisory on HSN vis-à-vis filing of GSTR-1

It is reported that recently the taxpayers are facing various issues in filing Form GSTR-1 concerning the HSN code. Accordingly, an advisory was issued on the same which is taken up and explained in the present article.

Provisions relating to HSN effective from 1st April 2021-

Harmonized System of Nomenclature (i.e., HSN) is, basically, a worldwide accepted six-digit uniform code that is defined for various products. Under Goods and Services Tax, based on the turnover of the registrant, it is mandatory to mention the specific digits of HSN on the tax invoice.

As per notification no. 78/2020- Central Tax dated 15th October 2020, the mandatory mentioning of the digits on the tax invoice, as effective from 1st April 2021, is tabulated hereunder-

Aggregate turnover of the registrant in the preceding Financial Year Number of HSN digits to be mentioned in a tax invoice
Up to INR 5 Crores 4 digits
Above INR 5 Crores 6 digits

Accordingly, the registrant is required to report the same, HSN along with description, while filing the return in Form GSTR-1.

HSN related issues reported while filing return in Form GSTR-1-

However, recently, the taxpayers are facing several issues with regard to reporting of HSN in Form GSTR-1. The problems are featured hereunder-

  1. HSN, as used by them for reporting, is not available in Table 12 ‘HSN drop-down list’ in Form GSTR-1.
  2. Problems are being faced in adding the HSN details under Table 12 vis-à-vis the filing of the statement of outward supplies in Form GSTR-1.
  3. In some JSON files, the HSN is reflected as blank from the offline tools. Notably, HSN gets blank along with some of the errors like-
    1. Processed with Error,
    2. In progress/ received but pending,
    3. Duplicate Invoice Number found in the payload, please correct.

Advisory issued in the matter-

With regard to the various problems being faced, an advisory was issued on 24th August 2021. The advisory stated as under-

  • It is mandatory to mention the ‘Description’ against the HSN code stated in Table 12 of Form GSTR-1. Without entering the same, the taxpayer will face rejection at the time of filing of Form GSTR-1.
  • Presently, the validation of Form GSTR-1 is relaxed. Accordingly, if the taxpayer doesn’t find the valid HSN code from the drop-down list, then, they can enter/ add the HSN and the corresponding description.
  • Importantly, the above-mentioned relaxation is available only while filing Form GSTR-1. The same is not relaxed on the Invoice Registration Portal (i.e. IRP) and E-way bill portal.

Ways to deal with various reported errors are summarized in paras below.

Dealing with various errors while uploading return in Form GSTR-1-

Recently, it is reported that the taxpayers are facing various errors while uploading return in Form GSTR-1. The errors and corresponding resolution are explained in the below table-

Errors messages Preferable resolution
Processed with error/ In progress/ Received but pending

For filing the return, the taxpayers are advised/ directed-

·  To appropriately fill in Table 12 of Form GSTR-1; and

·  To download the latest version of Offline Tool i.e. version 3.0.4 available on the GST portal.

Duplicate Invoice Number found in payload please correct As and when the taxpayer uses the same record number/ invoice number in the same Financial Year, the system treats such as duplicate records and rejects the same. Accordingly, the taxpayers are advised to provide a unique number for an invoice or credit note or debit note.
HSN of any goods/ services is valid but not accepted on the GST portal or e-invoice portal or e-way bill portal

Raise a ticket on GST Self Service Portal in the following manner-

· Visit site,

· Click ‘Report Issue’,

· Mention ‘HSN’ under the ‘Type of Issue/ Concern’ search box and select the appropriate sub-category provided in the list.