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Rajasthan Occupancy Certificate

Rajasthan Occupancy Certificate

Rajasthan Occupancy Certificate

Occupancy certificate is a legal document certifying that the construction of the building complies with the approved plans. In Rajasthan, occupancy certificate is issued by the Department State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation only if the constructed building is in a suitable condition for occupancy. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining Rajasthan Occupancy Certificate in detail.

Rajasthan Unified Building Bye-Laws, 2017

As per the Provisions of the Rajasthan Unified Building Bye-Laws, the application has to be filed after the completion of the building for the issuance of the occupancy certificate. The authorised officer after inspection may issue or refuse occupancy certificate.

Advantages of Occupancy Certificate

There are several benefits of getting an occupancy certificate in a particular state. The occupancy certificate has various advantages such as:

  • Claiming income-tax benefits on your home loan along with the home loan statement.
  • Serving to adhere to the approved plans of the building.
  • Provides legal recognition for occupying a property.
  • Helps to get a water connection/ sanitary connection or electricity supply connection.
  • Required when the buyer requests for a house loan towards a property.
  • Helpful at the time of property purchase or property selling.
  • Assistance for an individual in obtaining the copy of the registered deed.

Occupancy Certificate Vs Completion Certificate

Completion Certificate: Upon termination of the construction, the builder or the owner of the building has to request for the Completion Certificate to the local municipal authority.

If the building is completed as per the building approval form and if it satisfies other building criteria such as the distance from the highway, the height of the construction, fixation of rainwater harvesting system, etc., then the concerned authority will issue the Completion Certificate.

Occupancy Certificate: Once the applicant gets the Completion Certificate, they have to apply for an Occupancy Certificate from the local municipal authority.

Occupancy Certificate indicates that the building has complied with all the necessary building rules and regulations. This certificate is circulated by the local municipal authority or by the department of urban development and housing that grants no objection to occupy the building under the prescribed rules. An Occupancy Certificate is given only once the construction has been completed in all aspects.

Required Documents

The required documents are to be furnished along with the occupancy application form.

  • Building Plan
  • Lease Deed
  • Allotment Letter or Reconstitution – Subdivision Letter / Name Transfer / Change in Land Use Order
  • Site Plan issued with Lease Deed.
  • Single Affidavit of owner
  • Affidavit of Architect.
  • Affidavit of Structural Engineer for Structural Safety.
  • Existing Site Survey.
  • Fire NOC

Processing Time

The entire process of providing an occupancy certificate will be completed within forty-five days from the date of application.

Application Procedure for Occupancy Certificate

To apply  for online occupancy certificate in Rajasthan, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Please visit the official portal of the Single Window Clearance System of Rajasthan.

User Registration

Step 2: Click on “New user -Sign up” button which is present on the home page of the portal.

Step 3: The current page will be redirected to the next page click on the “Login” button.

Step 4: Enter your username and password and click on the “Login” tab.

New Application Form

Step 5: Applicant on the SWCS Dashboard and clicks the new application submission button and selects the appropriate service (Occupancy / Completion Certificate).

Step 6: On the next page, the application form (pre-filled common application form) is displayed.

Building Plan Details

Step 7: If the building plan of the project has approved form online building plan approval system, the applicant has to provide the previous application ID. The system will auto-populate the details as submitted by the applicant earlier.

Step 8: Upload the building plans for the onsite construction and Other details will be auto-populated from earlier application ID.

Step 9: If Building Plan of the  Project is manually approved, Applicant / Architect to fill all the details and upload the mandatory documents.

Step 10: The applicant needs to choose the development authority and reason for the use of the building and application type such as building plan approval / Inspection at plinth level/occupancy cum completion certificate).

Upload Site Details

Step 11: Applicant or Architect should fill the Site details and upload the site coordinates.

Step 12: Architect’s details will be displayed in the application Form if the architect is submitting the application form.

Step 13: Architect’s details to be filled in the application Form if application not submitted by the architect.

Upload Required Documents

Step 14: Then the required documents are to be submitted by the applicant or architect.

Step 15: The confirmation message will be sent to the registered mobile number and email for payment of application fees.

Make Payment

Step 16: Applicant is re-directed to the payment gateway for making the online payment of requisite fee.

Step 17: Intimation by email and message on the registered mobile number and email id of an applicant for successful payment of application fees.

Note: The application form is added to the applicant’s dashboard for real-time status tracking of application.

Verification of Document

The verification report is automatically appended to the application and auto-forwarded by the system to respective clerk for verification of uploaded documents. The clerk will mark the feedback in remark section and approve the application. Upon approval by the clerk, the form will be automatically delivered to randomly arranged site inspector for site inspection based on the risk estimation of the building.

Site Inspection

For site inspection confirmation message is sent to the registered email id and mobile number of randomly selected Site inspector for a site inspection.

The confirmation message is also sent to the registered email id and mobile number of applicant or architect concerning details of randomly selected site inspector and date, time of Site Inspection.

After the inspection of the site, Site Inspector will upload the site inspection report on the portal in the designated format/checklist (as per risk category of the building). Then the site inspector will mark the remark in the remark section and forward the application to town planner for approval.