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Pan Card Form – Form 49A & Form 49AA

PAN Card Form

Pan Card Form – Form 49A & Form 49AA

Pan Card is one of the most essential documents to be possessed by residents and citizens of India, as it is a tool for identifying taxpayers. It is important even for non-taxpaying residents to citizens to obtain a PAN card, as it would be required for various transactions. In this article, we look Form 49A and Form 49AA which are used for applying and modifying which are the two types of PAN card form in India.

Types of PAN Card Form

PAN card application forms are of two types, they are:

  1. Form 49A
  2. Form 49AA

These PAN card forms can either be used for online application or can be downloaded for offline application. Let us examine these forms in a detailed manner.

PAN Card Form 49A – Indian Citizens

PAN Card Form 49A is an application for allotment of Permanent Account Number under Section 139A of the Income Tax Act, 1961. This form is meant for the utilization of Indian citizens, entity incorporated in India and unincorporated entities formed in India. It is used for the purpose of applying for a new PAN Card and modifying any information submitted previously.

PAN Application Form 49A

PAN Card Form 49AA – Foreign Citizens

PAN Card Form 49AA is an application for allotment of Permanent Account Number that is governed by Rule 114 of the Income Tax Rules, 1962. It is meant for the utilization of Individuals who aren’t citizens of India, entities incorporated outside India and unincorporated entities formed outside India.

Form 49A is to be filled by specifying the same details as that of Pan Form 49A. Besides that, details pertaining to the KYC (Know Your Customer) of the applicant needs to be filled by a Foreign Institutional Investor or a Qualified Foreign Investor as specified under the regulations issued by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). In addition to it, it should include the details as mentioned below (Details vary according to the status of the assessee):

PAN Card Form 49AA


  • Marital status
  • Citizenship status
  • Details of occupation


  • Type of company
  • Gross Annual Income in INR
  • Net-worth in INR
  • Details of the personnel involved
  • Mode of Operation
  • Whether the applicant or the applicant’s authorized signatories/trustees/office bearers are politically exposed or related to a politically exposed person
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) in the residing nation
  • Whether or not the company is listed in a recognized stock exchange
PAN Card Form 49AA

Applying for PAN Card

The above provided PAN card forms can be used to apply for new PAN or change information in PAN. Please submit the PAN along with documents required for PAN card. In addition, follow the guidelines below while completing the PAN card application.

  • The application must be filled using block letters.
  • The form can only be filled in English.
  • The application must be filled using blank ink.
  • All fields marked with asterisk (*) are mandatory.
  • The application should be devoid of any corrections or overwriting.
  • Use full names in the first as well as last name section instead of individuals.
  • The names should not include any abbreviation, salutation or title.
  • Two photographs must be affixed. The user is not supposed to have it clipped or stapled to the form.
  • Signature or left hand thumb impression must be provided across the photo on the left side of the form in a manner that the portion of signature/impression is on the photo as well as the form (Thumb impressions must be attested by a Magistrate/Notary Public/Gazetted Officer)
  • The proof of address and proof of identity must be identical to the ones mentioned in the form.
  • The appropriate document type must be enclosed as a proof.