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Odisha Sarba Khyama Yojana

Odisha Sarba Khyama Yojana

Odisha Sarba Khyama Yojana

The State Government of Odisha has initiated Odisha Sarba Khyama Yojana to regularize unauthorized constructions. The Department of Housing and Urban Development Authority will regularize the buildings and establishment in several urban areas which are constructed in contravention with the rules and regulations, and will rectify the same with the assistance of the State Government. In this article, we look at the various aspects of the Odisha Sarba Khyama Yojana scheme, along with the procedure of enrolling into it.


This scheme was introduced for the development of real estate project in the state of Odisha. The induction of the scheme was announced by the Odisha Housing & Urban Development Department on the 21st of June, 2018.


The following are the salient features of the Odisha Sarba Khyama Yojana:

  • Designed and developed by Odisha State Government– This project has been designed and developed for the citizens of urban areas by the Odisha Government.
  • Regularization of unauthorized constructions– Normally, the Department of housing and urban development authority issues a notice to demolish unauthorized constructions.  Under this scheme, the State Government provides a reprieve to such violators by assisting them with aspects of re-construction of the property, provided the constructor’s co-operate by paying a certain penalty and abstain from such constructions in the future. The execution of the plan is vested with the former, by the recommendation and administration of the State Government.
  • For all types of buildings– All residential, commercial, institutional and clinical buildings will be included under this scheme for the development of real estate.
  • Constructions on legal plot– This scheme will be offered to those building owners who have completed the construction on a legal plot and possess such certificates.
  • Permissible deviation percentage– The State Government has increased the constructional deviation percentage rate from 10% to 50%.


This scheme is applicable only to such unauthorized constructions that are structurally safe and do not affect any public interest or safety, or interfere with any public activity.

Documents Required

The following documents are to be obtained at the time of applying for this scheme:

  • Residential Papers– Residential proof of building owners in the state of Odisha.
  • Legal plot papers– The legal papers of the land on which the construction has taken place.
  • Fire license– In case of commercial residential apartments, the building owners must submit fire clearance papers.
  • Construction plan– Along with the plot papers and fire license, the owner will also have to submit construction plan related documents.
  • No Objection Certificate– If the constructed building is more than 300 sq. meter, the owner of the building will be required to reproduce a formal NOC or No Objection Certificate from the people settled in the neighborhood.

Registration Process for the Scheme

The applicant has to visit the Housing and Urban Development office in Odisha to obtain the application form through which registration under this scheme can be completed. After obtaining the document, the applicant has to complete the application form with all details; and attach the required documents along with it. The form must be submitted at the State Urban Housing Development Office.

Forms_Form for Registration of Project