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OBMMS – Andhra Pradesh – Application Procedure

OBMMS – Andhra Pradesh

OBMMS or Online Beneficiary Management & Monitoring System is a system deployed by the Andhra Pradesh government for monitoring the implementation of Self Employment / Economic Support Schemes in Andhra Pradesh. The OBMMS system ensures transparency and fairness in facilitating subsidy transfer for Economic Support Schemes through which subsidy benefit is being transferred to Below Poverty Line (BPL) beneficiaries for various schemes. In this article, we give you step by step guidelines to apply for a scheme in OBMMS.

Aims and Goals of Self Employment Scheme

  1. Socio Economic Development
  2. Advancement of Women
  3. Developing confidence among minorities of being important stakeholders in Nation buildings

Self Employment Scheme Implementing Agencies

Self Employment Scheme is implemented in the following corporations.

  • SC Corporation
  • ST Corporation
  • BC Corporation
  • BC Federations
  • AP Washer men Cooperative Societies Federation
  • AP Nayeebramhins Cooperative Societies Federation
  • AP Vaddera Cooperative Societies Federation Ltd
  • AP Sagara (Uppara) Cooperative Societies Federation
  • AP Krishna Balija / Poosala Cooperative Societies
  • Federation
  • AP Valmiki / Boya Cooperative Societies Federation
  • AP Bhttraja Cooperative Societies Federation
  • AP Kummara Shalivahana Cooperative Societies Federation
  • AP Viswabrahmana Cooperative Societies Federation
  • AP Medara Cooperative Societies Federation
  • APS Minorities Finance Corporation
  • APS Christian Minorities Finance Corporation
  • Disabled Welfare
  • Andhra Pradesh Women Cooperative Finance Corporation

Subsidy for Bankable Scheme

The Andhra Pradesh State Minorities Finance Corporation Limited implementing Subsidy for Bankable Scheme to assist the beneficiaries by linked to the credit component of Banks.

Eligibility Criteria under Subsidy for Bankable Scheme

  • Beneficiaries should belong to a Minority community
  • Age of the beneficiaries in between 21-55 years
  • Annual Income of the Parent/ applicant should not exceed Rs. 75000/- in Urban areas and Rs. 60,000/- in Rural areas
  • Beneficiary should possess Aadhaar Card / Ration Card
  • Preference shall be given to women beneficiaries so as to cover a minimum of 33 1/3%

Documents Required to Apply for Bankable Scheme

  • Income Certificate issued by Tahsildar
  • Photostat copy of Ration Card
  • Photostat copy of Aadhaar Card
  • One Pass port size photo

How to Apply?

Step 1: Visit the OBMMS official webpage.

Image 1 OBMMS
Image 1 OBMMS

Step 2: Click on “APPLY ONLINE” in citizen corner.

Step 3: Once you click on “APPLY ONLINE” label, you will get list of corporations.

Step 4: Click on corporation you want to apply.

Step 5: Select Beneficiary type “INDIVIDUAL or GROUP”.Type of Financial Assistance is Default “Bank Linked Schemes”

Step 6: Select Sector type

  • Transport Sector
  • ISB
  • Agriculture

Step 7: For example if you have selected Transport sector, you need to Select Scheme “Auto, Car Taxi, Tata Ace, etc..,”

Step 8: Selected Scheme Unit Cost Range (Min & Max) are displayed you need to click on “GO” button, to view all data entry fields of application.

Step 9: Now select District, Mandal, Panchayat, village & Habitation

Step 10: You have to enter Driving License Number, validity of license & Badge No (These Fields are only for Transport Sector)

Step 11: When you enter unit Cost it automatically calculates Subsidy Amount & Bank loan Amount and Pre-Populates in the respective fields .

Step 12:You can select your Bank name & Branch Name in Dropdown box, the Branch IFSC Code Automatically Populates (Displays).

Step 13:Enter your Ration card and it should be from the same District Other District Ration cards are not allowed.

Step 14:It automatically fetches total members in the Ration Card. You can now  select the family member for Economic Support Scheme Benefit.

Step 15:When you select Beneficiary Name from Ration Card Name, Aadhaar number, Gender & Father/Husband Name is Automatically Picked from Ration card and Displayed.

Note: – Minority Corporation will also consider PAP cards.  MeeSeva Income Certificate is Mandatory and Income limit is for Urban 2, 00,000/- per Year and Rural 1, 50,000/- per year.

Step 16:You need to enter Mobile Number & Select the Physical Status (Physically Handicapped Yes or No)

Step 17:Select your Caste .

Note: – Caste is displayed based on the Corporation that Applicant has selected

Step 18:After Selecting Caste you need to enter the MeeSeva Caste Certificate number

Note: – (MeeSeva Caste Certificate is Mandatory for SC, ST, BC & BC Federations)

Step 19:When you enter the MeeSeva Caste Certificate number Sub Caste, DOB & Age is Automatically Calculated till Date and Displayed you can edit your DOB only.

Step 20:Select your Educational Qualifications

Step 21:If you belong to Vulnerable Groups you need to select which category you belong to in the drop down box (This is only for ST Corporation).

Note: – If you select Vulnerable Groups Supporting Documents has to be uploaded

Step 22:Enter your House number & Address

Step 23:Beneficiary photograph is fetched from Aadhaar if photo is not fetched you can upload photograph and check self Conformation and click on preview button.

Step 24:When you click on preview you will get all the Information you entered he can edit after checking the information clicks on submit button.

Step 25:You will get a Message “Application has been submitted successfully with the Beneficiary ID”

Step 26 : After registration of application through Online Beneficiary Management and Monitoring System (OBMMS) the online registered application You can Print the Acknowledge form (in PDF format).

Step 27 : The Hard copy of application shall be submitted to the Mandal Parishad Development Officer / Municipal Commissioner (Municipality) /Zonal Commissioner (in case of Municipal Corporation) along with the above mentioned enclosures

Beneficiary Search in OBMMS

Step 1: GO to home page of OBMMS.

Step 2: Select “Beneficiary Search” option from citizen corner.

Image 2 OBMMS
Image 2 OBMMS

Step 3: By clicking on that you will be redirected to the next page.

Step 4: Now you can search beneficiary using Ration card Number or Aadhaar Number

Step 5: Click on Search. The beneficiary name will be displayed.