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National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS)

National Family Benefit Scheme

National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS)

The Government of Punjab has initiated the scheme entitled “National Family Benefit Scheme” to provide financial help to Below Poverty Line (BPL) families in the event of the death of the only earning member of the family. Under this scheme, the Government will provide a one-time lump sum assistance of INR 20,000/- to the bereaved household in the form of compensation. In this article, we look at the National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS) in detail.

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Eligibility Criteria

The below following are the eligibility criteria required to apply for the National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS):

  • Applicant family should belong to the Below Poverty Line (BPL).
  • Any event of death, whether it’s natural or otherwise would make the family eligible to apply for the scheme.
  • If the family lives in the urban areas, then the total income of the whole family must not exceed INR 56,000, and the income of the applicant household under the rural areas must not exceed INR 46,000.
  • The death benefit scheme will be given only to those families whose head is between 18 to 60 years.
  • In case 15 of the death of an unmarried adult, the term household would include minor brothers or sisters and dependent parents.
  • The family benefit will be paid to the household (includes spouse, minor children, unmarried daughter and dependent parents) of the deceased person after the local inquiry done by the government official.

Documents Required

The following are the documents that have to be produced at the time of registering for this scheme:

  • Identity Proof: PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Voter ID Card, etc.
  • Address Proof: Aadhar Card, Valid Passport, Utility bill, Property tax bill, etc.
  • Death certificate of the bread earner
  • Applicant’s Passport Size Photo
  • Income certificate is mandatory
  • Bank Account Details
  • Self-declaration document from the applicant

Online Application Procedure

To apply for the National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS), the applicant has to follow the below procedure:

Step 1: The applicant must go to the official state portal of Punjab, Department of Social Security.

Step 2: If new user, the applicant will have to click on the “New User” tab, else login with your credentials. While log in for the first time, the applicant will have to update their profile.

Step 4: Then, the applicant has to click on the “Fresh Application” link.

Step 5: Upon clicking on the link, all Department wise services are listed from which the applicant has to choose for the service to be applied.

Step 6: Then, the applicant has to click on the Online Form application section and then fill out all the requested details in the form.

Step 7: Then attach all the documents as specified above. Upon submission, the applicant will receive an acknowledgement for further reference.

Offline Application Procedure

The National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS) can be applied by providing the information of the persons to fill up the applications who are ready to avail the benefits of this scheme. The applicants will have to fill the National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS)  e-Form in offline mode and submit it to the processing office. The application form for the NFBS can be downloaded from the official site. It is reproduced below for your ready reference:


Then the respective department will make the verification process and prepare the beneficiary list. The concerned District Social Welfare Office will scrutinise the application form, and if required, the applicant will be called for the verification process. If sanctioned, the assistance is remitted monthly to the bank account of the beneficiary.

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