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Multiple Vehicle Option – E-Way Bill

Multiple Vehicle Option

Multiple Vehicle Option – GST E-Way Bill

E-Way bill implications is continuously expanding its legs. E-way bill generation is compulsory for movement of goods of consignment value exceeding INR 50,000. The Government is continuously updating, amending and upgrading the E-way bill generation procedure. One such updation, is the introduction of ‘Multiple Vehicle Option under E-way Bill’ in the GST portal. Through the present article, we would try to understand the use of ‘Multiple Vehicle Option’ and online procedure thereof.

Multiple Vehicle Option is useful in case where the consignment of a single E-way bill needs to be moved in to multiple vehicles after reaching a transhipment place. Let us understand the said situation with the help of an illustration;

Suppose Mr. A situated in Mumbai wants to transfer goods to Mr. B situated in Mahabaleshwar. Mr. A has transported heavy loaded goods on a big vehicle through a transporter and has generated required E-way bill for the same.

The transporter has reached to a point after which due to a hilly area, the big vehicle cannot continue. In this situation, the transporter has to move the goods to say 10 smaller vehicles. At this point in time, Multiple Vehicle Option would come into the picture. It must be noted here that Initially, E-way bill was generated in the normal manner, however, once the goods need to be moved from bigger vehicle to smaller ones, the Part- B of E-way bill needs to be updated by selecting ‘Change to Multiple vehicle’.

Generating E-Way Bill with Multiple Vehicle Option

  1. The first and foremost step would be to generate normal E-way bill mentioning source and destination as per the invoice.
  2. Once the vehicle has reached the transshipment place, after which big vehicle cannot move and goods need to be shifted to small vehicle, the E-way bill will have to be updated to ‘Multiple vehicle option’.
  3. For selecting ‘Multiple vehicle option’, one has to go to menu and select ‘Change to Multiple Vehicle’.
  4. On selection of ‘Change to Multiple Vehicle’ a dialog box will appear, wherein, you need to enter e-way bill number.
  5. Once the e-way bill number is entered, e-way bill details would be automatically generated and displayed in the dialog box.
  6. In the same dialog box, a question would be asked ‘Do you wish to move the goods in Multiple Vehicles?’
  7. When above question is answered in affirmative, one needs to provide Multiple Vehicle Movement Details like –
    1. Mode of transport
    2. From place
    3. To place
    4. Total quantity
    5. Unit
    6. Reason
    7. Remarks
  8. On submission of above details, new dialog box mentioning Update Vehicle Number would appear. Here you need to update Part B of E-way bill and on updation of vehicle details and further submission, print form of E-way bill would be displayed.