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MSME Kerala

The techno-economic and managerial consultancy services for MSME Sectors of the State of Kerala and the Union Territory of Lakshadweep are rendered by the MSME-Development Institute (formerly SISI), Thrissur. The Institute, which began its endeavors in Kerala’s cultural capital during the year 1956, offers a gamut of consultancy and support services. In addition to these, it conducts entrepreneurial, technical and managerial training programmes for prospective and existing entrepreneurs. Its services are primarily aimed at aiding the existing entrepreneurs in increasing their productivity and the prospective entrepreneurs in setting up new units. In this article, we look at the services offered by the MSME Kerala department in detail.

MSME Development Organization

The MSME Development Organization is an apex body and Nodal Agency for formulating, coordinating, and monitoring the policies and programmes for the promotion and development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises across the country. It is headed by the Development Commissioner (MSME) under the Ministry of MSMEs, Government of India.

Training Programme

The Office of DC (MSE) organizes various vocational and entrepreneurship development programmes, which includes:

Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDPs)

Entrepreneurship Development Programmes serve the purpose of nurturing the potential of youth by creating awareness on the various aspects of industrial activity required for the setting up of Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs). The program is generally organized at Polytechnics and other technical institutions. The curriculum of these programs is designed in a manner as to render useful information on product/process design, the relevant manufacturing practices, testing and quality control, selection and usage of appropriate machinery and equipment, project profile presentation, marketing avenues/techniques, product/service pricing, export opportunities, infrastructure facilities available, financing and financial institutions, cash flow, etc.

Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programme (ESDP)

The programme renders comprehensive training programmes to upgrade the skills of upcoming entrepreneurs, existing workforce, as well as that of new MSE workers and technicians. In addition to this, specific tailor-made programmes are arranged for the skill development of socially disadvantaged groups such as OBC, SC/ST, minorities and women. In total, the program renders training across sixty disciplines.

Management Development Programmes (MDPs)

Training on management practice systems is rendered to improve the decision-making abilities of existing and upcoming entrepreneurs. The participants are provided with inputs on a variety of topics of managerial functions through short duration training programs, which numbers to 60.

Industrial Motivation Campaigns (IMCs)

These campaigns are held for a duration of a day or two, the purpose of which is to identify and motivate traditional/non-traditional entrepreneurs towards the pursuit of self-employment through the setting up of MSEs.

Training Programme in LWS

The courses rendered as a part of training programmes in LWS pertain to:

  • The manufacture of leather footwear and leather goods
  • The manufacture of fancy leather goods
  • Upholstery

Food Processing Workshop

The Institute hosts a Food Processing Workshop, which is a Skill Development Programme on fruit and vegetable processing/manufacturing of bakery products. The Course would be held for six weeks.

The other services rendered by this Institute include:

  • Training programmes in Central Workshop.
  • The provision of Common Facility Services (CFS) to the Micro and Small Enterprises for a nominal fee.
  • The provision of training to Artisans/Supervisors/Engineers to help them in upgrading their skills.
  • The provision of skill-oriented training to the educated youth who are unemployed so as to equip them in finding employment.

The details of the training programmes are published through leading News Papers and websites.

Awareness Programs

The Ministry of MSME organizes various programmes for the promotion and development of MSEs throughout the country. In respect of this, MSME-DI, Thrissur, conducts various awareness programs for the benefit of the MSMEs of the State of Kerala. Some of the recent programs conducted by the Institute include the National Manufacturing Competitiveness Programme, Public Procurement Policy, Intellectual Property Rights, Export Packaging, Cluster Development Programme, etc.

Women Entrepreneurship Development Cell

God’s Own Country has always found a way to be distinct from the other Indian states, be it in terms of its environment, the literacy ratio, educational standards, and a sex ratio of 1058 women for every 1000 men, against the all India figure of 933. The Women Entrepreneurship Development Cell (WEDC) has been conceptualized with the object of building the motivation and confidence of these women (who could be existing or potential entrepreneurs). Its activities include:

  • Organizing Motivation Campaigns by partnering with educational intuitions, developmental agencies and NGOs, etc.
  • Organizing General/Product-cum-Process Oriented EDP/MDP for women.
  • The formulation of Project Report in accordance with the requirements of financial institutions.
  • Rendering assistance to women entrepreneurs in getting land and other facilities required to initiate the enterprise.
  • Rendering assistance in obtaining the essential clearance and licenses.
  • Rendering assistance in obtaining financial assistance.
  • Rendering technical guidance.
  • Producing available scarce raw material.
  • Providing marketing information and assistance.
  • Organizing a monthly/quarterly meet with trained women to assess their present position, and to address their problems/impediments (if any).
  • Providing escort services to the entrepreneurs by accompanying them to banks, financial institutions, DIC, etc.
  • Collaborating and disseminating the latest information/policy matters connected with the women industrial sector.
  • Making suggestions/recommendations to the Ministry of the Kerala Government to modify policies and programmes of enterprises and supporting institutions to improve women industrial development.
  • Performance of other regular activities like the provision of Technical/Managerial Consultancy/Counselling Services, Networking, etc.

The Women Entrepreneurs Development Cell of MSME-DI, Thrissur is administered by a women officer of the Economic Investigation trade, under the supervision of a Deputy Director. The WEDC committee comprises of the members of MSME, Financial Institutions, Banks, DIC, Governmental Organizations like Panchayat/Municipality, Kerala State Electricity Board, Kerala State Women Industries Association concerned, NGO, etc.

For further details, the reader may contact:

Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises

Kanjany Road, Ayyanthole

P.O. Thrissur – 680 003,

Kerala, India