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MSME Grievance Monitoring System


MSME Internet Grievance Monitoring System

The Ministry of MSME has launched an Internet Grievance Monitoring System (IGMS) portal for the public to lodge their complaints, suggestions and queries seeking information related to the Ministry of MSME. The IGMS is a transparent online monitoring system where users can register and then monitor the status of their grievances and the action taken along with the dates. In case the public users are not satisfied with the action taken, they have the flexibility to register a new complaint about the same case. Moreover, the IGMS also gives the option for users to fix an appointment with Concerned Officers regarding the grievances, using the same portal.

How to Register a Grievance with the IGMS

  • Click on the following URL to go to the IGMS portal:

  • Click on “Register Grievance” on the top left corner.


  • The system will open up the Register grievance page at following URL:


Enter Basic Details


IGMS-register-form-type user

Here, select one of the following in Types of Grievance:

  • Complaint
  • Suggestion
  • Seeking Guidance/Information

Next, specify what User type you are. Clicking on Types of Users box displays the 6 options to select from:

IGMS-register-form-type user

Select one option from the 6 types of Users available:

  • Association
  • MSME Unit
  • MSME Employee
  • Would be Entrepreneur
  • Individual
  • Other

Enter Contact Details of Complainant

Enter your Contact Details (Please note all fields are mandatory)

  • Name
  • Address
  • Pin Code
  • State
  • District
  • Email ID
  • Mobile Number (enter the 10 digits only)

Then click on “Get OTP on Mobile & Email ID” button

  • The system will send you two OTPs – one to your Mobile and another to your Email ID.
  • The system displays two input boxes: Enter the OTP sent to the Email ID and OTP to Mobile (2 different OTPs).
  • Type in the two OTPs correctly and click on the “Verify Mobile” button.

The system will now display the Grievance Details form on the same page



  • Enter Grievance Details

Click on Grievance Category box and choose the category of Grievance from the drop-down:



Type in the Grievance Description (maximum 3000 characters)

  • Click on Upload File button to upload any relevant file (pdf or jpg)
  • Make sure the Declaration checkbox is checked on
  • Type in the Verification Code as shown in the blue box.
  • Then click on the “Submit Grievance” button

The system will display a thank you message with your Grievance Number


The system will also send a confirmation mail to your Email ID with Grievance Number and now the registration of Grievance is complete.

How to view the status of Grievance registered

  • Click on “View Status” option in the homepage
  • The System opens the View Status page in the following URL

  • To view the status of your grievance, enter the Grievance Number that was displayed in the Thank you message in the screen above. This Grievance Number is also sent to you in a system-generated mail to your Email ID.
  • Next, enter the Verification Code as displayed in the blue box.
  • Click on the Submit button.
  • The system will display your contact details, registered grievance details and the Status of Action taken along with the dates.

Please note each grievance has to be registered separately. The Login option on the top right corner is for official purposes only. The IGMS portal helps users reach out to the Ministry of MSME for all the issues they face and get help for it as soon as possible. There are some types of grievances that the IGMS portal does not attend to. They are:

  • Any issue because of Subjudice matter
  • The dispute in the family or any other personal dispute
  • RTI filed cases