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Managing Customer & Customer Reports

Managing Customer & Generating Customer Reports – LEDGERS Guide

After adding a customer to your LEDGER, you will want to view customer details or edit or generate various types of customer reports. Viewing customer list and downloading customer list is very easy on LEDGERS GST Software. In this guide, we look at the process for accessing your customer list, downloading customer list and editing a customer.

Accessing Customer List

You can access your customer list by selecting Contacts -> Customers -> Manage Customers.

Managing Customers - LEDGERS Software
Managing Customers – LEDGERS Software

The Customer Management feature has in-built features like customer list filter and customer list options.

Customer List Filters

You can use the customer list filter to toggle between:

  • All Customers
  • B2B Customers
  • B2C Customers

In case any customer account is updated with a GSTIN, then the customer will be classified under B2B customer. All customers without GSTIN will be classified under B2C Customers.

Customer List Options

In addition to the filters, you can use the options to perform various functions quickly.

  • Print – Prints the customer list displayed
  • Copy – Copies the data presented in the table. You can paste the data into a spreadsheet like Excel.
  • PDF – Allows download of the list presented on the screen in PDF format.
  • Excel – Allows download of the list presented on the screen in Excel format.
  • CSV – Allows download of the list presented on the screen in CSV format.
  • Columns – You can modify the columns presented on screen or on the downloaded report using columns.

Editing Customer Account

You can easily edit a customer account by double-clicking on any of the customer name. On double-clicking, the edit pop-up would be displayed as below. Update the data and click Update Customer to complete editing a customer account.

Edit Customer - LEDGERS Software
Edit Customer – LEDGERS Software