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Mahaswayam Portal

Mahaswayam Portal

Mahaswayam Portal

Mahaswayam Portal is an effort by the Government of Maharashtra to bring together students, youth, employers, trainers, entrepreneurs and job seekers all under one umbrella. Mahaswayam portal has been developed by the Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Department to integrate the skill related activities in Maharashtra with Entrepreneurship and Jobs for providing a unique platform to all the stakeholders. This portal will give a single interface to all the stakeholders to get information related to the Skill Training, Job vacancies and Entrepreneurship development programs. In this article, we will look at Mahaswayam Portal in detail.

Objective of Mahaswayam Portal

To make our country as the human resource capital of the world, the Government of Maharashtra has set up a target of generating 4.5 crores skilled manpower by 2022. To achieve this target, forty-five lakhs skilled manpower will be needed to be produced every year by the state for ten years. As part of this measure, the Government has introduced Mahaswayam Portal. Under this effort, various schemes have been launched as described below:

Directorate of Skill Development, Employment and Entrepreneurship 

Directorate of Skill Development, Employment and Entrepreneurship is formed to facilitate employment and to provide self-employment guidance for the Maharashtra youth to enhance their incomes, thus promoting inclusive growth.

  • Under this program, job fairs are regularly conducted since 2007 for job seekers and employers by the DSDE&E.
  • Registered entrepreneurs and employers with DSDE&E can participate in these job fairs. The job seeker will get the spot employment and employer can get suitable manpower immediately through the job fairs.

Note: DSDE&E scheme is applicable in all the districts of Maharashtra.

Employment Promotion Programme (EPP)

Employment Promotion Programme (EPP) aims to enhance the skills of the youth and make them employable as per the market requirement. EPP is a stipendiary scheme. 

Employment Promotion Programme (EPP) of Maharashtra Government is a scheme to provide the job training for Job Seekers for acquisition and up-gradation of the skill and experience in private sector for experienced as well as un-experienced Job Seekers.

Self Employment Scheme

The Maharashtra government has introduced various self-employment schemes to reduce the unemployment intensity in the state. In this context, this self-employment web portal has been developed for self-financing and effective implementation of self-employment loan schemes.

Facilities available for candidates on Mahaswayam Portal

  • Corporation’s plan for candidates of different departments.
  • Find the right self-employment plan according to the eligibility of the candidate.
  • Candidates need to fill out self-employment loans online.
  • Loan eligibility, terms and conditions, loan sanction, loan documents etc. Information
  • To check the status of the deposited application online, look for the loan repayment status.
  • More than 250 sample project’s availability on the web portal.
  • Calculate interest payments (EMI calculator).
  • Helpline to solve problems of candidates

Employment Services in Mahaswayam Portal 

The job seeker can get the featured job details from the Mahaswayam Portal. Access the home page of Mahaswayam Portal and select the employment option. The link will redirect to the new page.

Image 1 Mahaswayam Portal
Image 1 Mahaswayam Portal

Enter Skills or sectors or Educations or Districts and click on find job option. The featured jobs according to your search will be displayed.

Image 2 Mahaswayam Portal
Image 2 Mahaswayam Portal

Job Seeker Registration in Mahaswayam Portal 

Select the Job Seeker Registration option; the application form will be displayed:

Step 1: Kindly fill in personal details as in Aadhaar Card.

Image 3 Mahaswayam Portal
Image 3 Mahaswayam Portal

Step 2: System will validate Aadhaar details and send you OTP on mobile.

Image 4 Mahaswayam Portal
Image 4 Mahaswayam Portal

Step 3: Validate your mobile number using OTP.

Step 4: Add other details and set a password to complete your registration process.

Employer registration in Mahaswayam Portal 

Using the employer registration option, the employers can register in the Mahaswayam Portal portal.

Annasaheb Patil Arthik Vikas Mahamandal Maryadit

To support the economically backward communities for providing the entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities with the Annasaheb Patil Arthik-Magas Vikas Mahamandal Maryadit was formulated in 1998. In the year 2000, the Maharashtra Government announced a scheme for self-employment and employment which was utterly a state-funded scheme.

The objective of Annasaheb Patil Arthik

  • To enable them to reach economically backward, especially to the unemployed youth.
  • Making the scheme available for employment and self-employment opportunities.
  • To develop socio-economic development of financially backward communities

Skill Development Mission – Mahaswayam Portal 

To achieve this Skill Development Mission in Maharashtra, Maharashtra State Skill Development Society has been registered in 2011 under the Societies Registration Act.

  • The Society is formed under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary and is the Single Nodal Agency for planning, coordination, execution and monitoring of Skill Development initiative of Maharashtra Government
  • This society is functioning under the Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Departments
  • All the skill development schemes of various Maharashtra Government departments will be integrated and implemented via the active coordination under the single umbrella of this society.

Key functions of society

  • Prepare the Maharashtra State Skill Gap Assessment Report & Skill Development Action Plan.
  • Support State Department & District Skill Development Committees in the formulation and implementation of the Annual Skill Development Plan
  • Empanel & ensure suitable accreditation & graduation of the public & private skill training providers and conduct a concurrent assessment of training providers to ensure the quality of training.
  • It provides support and assistance to Directorate of Employment and Self-Employment in establishing a dynamic Labour Market Information System and launching the stakeholder’s web portal.
  • Implementation of innovative skill development programs.
  • Government is conducting the support counselling activities, awareness and guidance programs for the workforce in the unorganised sector.
  • Government is arranging workshops and brainstorming session for the key stakeholders.
  • Enter into a partnership with national & international agencies working in the field of skill development.
  • Organise study tours for the understanding of the best set of national and international practices and experiments in the field of Skill Development.
  • It’s encouraging the active participation of the public sector undertakings, private sectors and civil society via feasible and productive partnerships.
  • Appointed a Maharashtra Skill Mission Ambassador for the representation of the Skil Development Scheme.
  • Supporting all initiatives with the objectives of motivating the youth towards the vocational stream of education from pre SSC level onwards.
  • Taking all appropriate initiatives and actions in line with the state skill development mission.