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Lost Drivers License – Tamilnadu


Lost Drivers License – Tamilnadu

A lost driver’s license from the Tamilnadu Government can be easily replaced with a duplicate license by applying with the concerned Regional Transport Office (RTO). The respective State Governments handle drivers’ licenses in India through the Regional Transport Offices set up across the State. Hence, in case of a lost Driver’s license, the concerned RTO office must be approached with the following application and documents.

Lost Drivers License – Reapplication

Step 1: The holder of the license must reapply for a duplicate license. While reapplying, the license holder should not have been disqualified.

Step 2: Prepare the application for a duplicate license in Form LLD, which is for the Intimation of loss or destruction of driving license and application for duplicate. A copy of the application form is below for reference. Click here to download Lost Tamilnadu Drivers License Application Form.

Lost Drivers License Application Form – Tamilnadu
      1. The license should not be disqualified.

 Step 3: Along with the application, attach the following documents:

  • Application and Intimation of loss or destruction of driving license in the Form shown above.
  • Details of lost Driving Licence
  • Police FIR copy (in case of theft of drivers license)
  • Passport size photos-2 copies

Step 4: Submit the application and documents in person at the concerned RTO office. The applicant must appear in person while making the application.

Step 5: Pay the fee for the application. The cost for obtaining a duplicate driver’s license in Tamilnadu is Rs.15 + service charge of Rs.50. Hence, the total price is Rs.65.

Step 6: The maximum processing time for getting a duplicate license is 15 days on submission of the required documents and application.

Tamilnadu Motor Vehicle Rules on Lost Drivers License

The following are the rules relating to the issue of duplicate license for a lost driver’s license. However, these rules are provided in the Tamilnadu Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989.

Licenses lost or destroyed – Intimation

If at any time a driving license is lost or damaged, the holder of the driving license shall forthwith intimate the fact in writing in Form LLD in duplicate to the Licensing Authority having jurisdiction over the area in which he has his place of residence at the time.

Duplicate License

Upon the receipt of the Intimation specified in rale 25, the licensing authority shall, if satisfied after making such inquiries as it thinks fit that a duplicate driving license may properly be issued, issue a duplicate driving license. The fee for a duplicate driving license issued under this rule shall be as specified in the Table under rule 49: Provided that where the driving license concerned was issued by some other licensing authority, the particulars of the driving license and any endorsement thereon shall be obtained from that authority before granting the duplicate driving license.

License Lost – Delivery

When a duplicate driving license has been issued upon the representation that a driving license has been lost and the holder afterward finds the license, it shall be delivered to the licensing authority. Any other person finding a driving license shall provide to the holder of the license or the nearest police station.