Linking PAN with Bank Accounts

Linking PAN with Bank Accounts

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Linking PAN with Bank Accounts

The government has made mandatory for bank account holders to link their PAN with the bank account. Bank accounts not linked with PAN will not be operational for making deposit or withdrawal of money. In this article, we review the procedure for linking PAN with bank accounts in detail.

How to link PAN card with banks account?

There are three ways to link your PAN with bank accounts are listed out.

  • Link PAN through online
  • LInk PAN through offline
  • Link PAN through mobile

Link PAN through online

To update your PAN with the bank account through online (internet banking), follow the below-mentioned steps:

Visit Online Banking Website

Step 1: The applicant has to visit the internet banking website of your respective bank.

Provide Login Details

Step 2: Login to your internet banking website with the help of your user id and password.

Service Request

Step 3: After logging into your internet banking account, you will find your “Service Requests” on the current page.

Enter the Details

Step 4: Now, enter the specified details which contain in your PAN card such as your PAN card number, DOB on your PAN card, and also your registered email ID.

Link your PAN

Step 5: After filling all the details then your PAN card will be linked to your bank account within two days from the day of filing your application.

Link PAN through offline

To update your PAN with the bank account through offline, follow the below mentioned steps:

Approach Respective Bank

Step 1: The applicant has to approach the bank branch where you have to your bank account.

Collect Application Form

Step 2: You need to obtain (KYC) application form from the bank officer to update your PAN card with the bank account.

Complete the Details

Step 3: Fill your application form with the appropriate details without any mistakes.

Submit the Application

Step 4: After filling the form and then submit the application along with the photocopy of your PAN card and letter requesting for linking of PAN with your bank accounts from the bank branch manager.

Link your PAN

Step 5: After the submission of your application, your PAN is linked to your bank account within the specified timeline.

Link PAN through mobile

To update your PAN with the bank account through mobile, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Search Toll-free Number

Step 1: The applicant has to search for the toll-free number of your respective bank, which you will find from your bank chequebook or passbook.

Connect Customer care

Step 2: Call the toll-free number and go through the IVR, until you are connected to the customer care executive.

Request to Link PAN

Step 3: You need to convey the customer care executive that you want to link PAN Card with your Bank Account.

Provide Details

Step 4: The customer care executive will ask you simple questions like, what is your bank account number, your debit card number, your Address and so on, to verify it is you.

Link your PAN

Step 5: Give the customer care executive your PAN, and your PAN Card will be linked to your respective bank account within two working days.

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