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Lassi Corner Franchise

Lassi Corner Franchise

Lassi Corner Franchise

Lassi Corner a “Quick Service Cafe” was established in Banglore and has since expanded to more than forty outlets all over the country. Laasi corner offers India’s traditional beverages like Lassi, Ice creams, milkshakes, coffee And mocktails. In this article, we view the procedure for setting up a Lassi Corner franchise in detail.

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Food and Beverage Industry in India

The Food and Beverage industry is the sixth largest industry in the market. In India, the food industry has developed as a high-growth and high-profit sector due to its immense potential, particularly within the food processing industry. Indian Foodservice market is currently estimated to be 3,37,500 crore, and it is expected to reach out 5,52,000 crore in the year 2021. Thus, food service industry is emerging as a critical contributor for the Indian economy by witnessing the exponential growth which encourages the entrepreneurs from making franchise opportunities.

Lassi Corner

Lassi Corner, strive to help people transform their lives through conscious nutrition. Lassi Corner ensures to work hard to create delicious, healthy and convenient products for customer fulfilment, and to provide passionate service in a sterile environment.

Why Lassi Corner?

There are various advantages for choosing Lassi Corner franchise:

  • Excellent business model
  • Product menu for all season sale. Tested and proven delicious taste to increase the footfalls.
  • One stop junction to satisfy your tummy with drinks and small eats.
  • Food and drinks variety for all age groups, health-conscious customers, and snacks lovers.
  • Menu categorised in ascending order of price to help customers pick their favourite item faster.
  • Preparation time less than a minute.
  • Low investment.

Infrastructure Requirements

Lassi Corner franchise area specification is that the franchisee needs to have a ground floor location at high footfall commercial places, preferably shopping malls. The requirements for the infrastructure may vary as per the franchise setup model.

Lassi Corner Resturant

Lassi Corner Resturant can be placed in areas with square feet ranging from 300-1000 sq ft.

Lassi Corner Cafe

Lassi Corner cafe can be set up in areas with square feet ranging from 150-300 sq sq ft.

Lassi Corner Kiosk

Lassi Corner Kiosk can be established in areas with square feet ranging from 120-150 sq ft.

Financial Details

Interested entrepreneurs are required to invest based on the below estimation for initiating a Lassi Corner Franchise.

Particulars Resturant Cafe Kiosk
Investments Rs. 50-60 Lakhs Rs. 7.5-8 Lakhs Rs. 11-12 Lakhs
Brand Fee Rs.50 Lakhs Rs.3 Lakhs Rs.9 Lakhs
Expected monthly sales Rs.15 Lakhs Rs.7 Lakhs Rs.4 Lakhs
Profit Margin 50% 35% 40%
Required staffs 4 staffs 2 staffs 4 staffs
Royalty or Commission No royalty or commission No royalty or commission 80% of the brand fee collected from the signed up franchise partners will be paid as a commission

Lassi Corner Franchise Services

The following benefits are afforded by the Franchisor for setting up a Lassi Corner Franchise.

  • The combined buying power of the Franchise Network.
  • Established brand name and reputation.
  • Pre-opening and ongoing Training, and support.
  • Architectural design specifications.
  • Marketing and advertising campaigns and support.
  • Guidance on locating the right site, and restaurant construction.
  • Franchisor Assistance for the growth of your franchise.

Regions of Operation

The following are the preferred locations for starting a Lassi Corner Franchise are below:

North– Delhi.

South-Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana.

West– Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra.

East- Not applicable.


Training for seven days will be given to the eligible applicant covering all aspects of conducting a franchise, will be held at the head office at Hyderabad or in any other desired location.

Term of Agreement

The Franchisee needs to sign an MOU which contains the written statement about the company terms and condition will sign a franchise agreement with selected franchise owner for five years initially. The agreement is however renewable if both the parties agree.

Enrollment Procedure

Any individual interested in joining Hands with Lassi Corner Franchise can register themselves by visiting an official website of Lassi Corner and make the necessary steps.

Application Form Lassi Corner Franchise
Application Form Lassi Corner Franchise

Contact Number: 91-7406804000.

For Further Queries

Lassi Corner

Address for contact

No.1, Gurukrapa complex,

Sai Baba Temple Road,

Silver Springs Layout,

Munnekollal, Bengaluru,


Email [email protected]

Phone: 91-7406804000.