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Keventers Franchise

The Original Milkshake

Shaking up a century-old legacy, a vibrant retro appeal with a contemporary view gives one a blend of refreshing flavours ranging from the classic concoctions like Butterscotch, Cold Coffee and Rasmalai to exotic additions in the ‘thick shakes’ category like Bubblegum, Caramello Popcorn and Almond Coffee-Rose. Keventers, staying true to its vintage dairy tag, is keen on making a difference by whipping up significant drinks to add on to their signature menu. In this article, we take a look at the procedure for starting a Keventers Franchise.


Keventers has a backstory that began in the 1900’s, over a century ago. Initially started in the year 1903 by Edward Keventer in Aligarh, this venture did not always have a well-paved road to being the successful brand it is today. As the years passed, Keventers had become synonymous with pure and high-quality dairy products with people all over the country wanting to associate with the brand because of its quality butter, cheese, and milkshakes. After the rightful owners of the prestigious brand had passed away, Ram Krishna Dalmia had acquired the brand in the 1940’s. With over 40 distribution outlets across the capital, Keventers was also known for supplying milk powder to the Indian Army.

However, things went south when the government requisitioned the Keventers farmland for diplomatic enclaves in the 1970’s. This was one of the major reasons that led to the dissolution of the brand. However, the name was being used in several unauthorised standalone outlets and eventually kept the legacy alive. Agastya Dalmia, the grandson of R.K Dalmia with partners Aman Arora and Sohrab Sitaram, decided to resurrect Keventers in a new avatar. Keeping the very essence of the brand intact, Keventers donned a complete makeover that strikes a sense of nostalgia with its present-day customers. By 2017, Keventers has gone global by operating its initial international units in Dubai and Nepal.

Franchise with Keventers

Keventers has the added advantage of being an iconic milkshake brand that proudly celebrates its tradition of making delicious milkshakes while bringing in the flavours of today to create quite an indulgence.


Keventers is always on the lookout for the latest market trends and creates innovative new products. By doing so, it is still a step ahead in understanding customer needs and changes accordingly even before the customers themselves know it beforehand. With flexible units that can fit into any location like a puzzle piece, each unit can uniquely raise the bar for targets and in turn, boost sales with minimal expenditures.

High Sales

With a model that has proved itself to be a success with the highest revenues per square feet, a quicker Return of Investment is expected i.e. within 18 months.

Swift Dispensing

With state-of-the-art R&D and superior pieces of equipment, each milkshake is dispensed in less than a minute to ensure minimal turnaround time which maintains high sales as well as a low waiting time.

Brand Presence

Keventers works towards catering over continually changing geographies and diverse mindsets by providing a range of changing tastes and preferences to achieve high sales and brand engagements.


With a professional and highly competent team, the brand ensures efficient operations, system controls and an excessive training system by partnering up with the best in the business to boost the brand to a global platform.


Proudly made in India, Keventers is one of the first milkshake and lifestyle brands to originate from the country. Today, Keventers is accredited for its branding and visual appeal, which not only makes it uber cool but also a premium and aspirational brand.

Investment Details

The following are the estimates for starting a franchise anywhere in India:

  • The franchise fee for Keventers is INR 9 Lakhs, which can be paid over 3 years in instalments. The franchise license is valid for 5 years.
  • The Signage and Collateral will be around an estimate of INR 1 Lakh.
  • Security Deposit of INR 1 Lakh is required. However, this amount is refundable.
  • The pieces of equipment required to make the milkshakes will cost up to INR 7.5 Lakh.
  • The Pre-Operating Cost and One-Time Marketing Expenses will be around INR 3 Lakh.
  • The Advance/ Contractor Fee for the property will be at an estimate of INR 7.5 Lakh.

Therefore, the total cost of setting up a Keventers outlet with a space dimension of 100 sq. feet will cost roughly around INR 25-30 Lakhs.

Expansion Locations

Keventers has around 180 units set up in most states across India such as Punjab, West Bengal, Delhi, Haryana, Chandigarh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Bihar, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Chennai, Himachal Pradesh and Odisha. Keventers has also moved overseas by starting units in Nepal, Kenya, United States and Dubai.

Contact Details

For any queries or information, the contact for the Keventers unit in Delhi is given below:

Building No. 61, Arjun Nagar,

Kotla Mubarakpur,

South extension 1,

New Delhi

Contact Number: 011 4979 1000

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