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Kerala Solvency Certificate

Kerala Solvency Certificate

Kerala Solvency Certificate

Kerala solvency certificate is proof of solvency which means that the person’s assets are more than his liabilities. Solvency certificate certifies an individual’s creditworthiness. The government of Kerala issues solvency certificate to verify the solvency of a person who undertakes works or functions. Kerala solvency certificate states the total amount of assets held by the individual. In this article, we will look at the procedure to obtain a Kerala solvency certificate in detail.

Importance of Kerala Solvency Certificate

The Kerala Solvency Certificate can be used in many places; some of the essential uses of solvency certificate are given here:

  • Kerala solvency certificate proves the financial stability of an individual or entity
  • This certificate indicates one’s history which he has earned with his previous dealings with other financial institutions from where he had earlier availed of loans.
  • This certificate helps to obtain financial support by way of loans from banks or other financial institutions
  • A solvency certificate authenticates that a person is not a declared insolvent.
  • Solvency certificate is usually used to prove financial strength while applying for a visa interview
  • Solvency certificate is a mandatory document for Government Departments or other organisations for applying for tenders or similar purposes
  • The companies require solvency certificate for auditing purpose
  • This is particularly very useful for students who wish to pursue higher education abroad as most universities need this certificate
  • Solvency certificate is necessary for seeking admission in Government medical or engineering colleges
  • This certificate plays an important role in court matters like obtaining bails.
  • Solvency certificate is required for submitting to the property sales tax in Kerala

Note: A bank also issues solvency certificates on the basis of bank account transactions and reports obtained from a Chartered Accountant. Know more about Bank Solvency Certificate

Attributes in Kerala Solvency Certificate

Solvency certificate contains the detailed particulars of property (movable or immovable property). The below-mentioned further information relating to a property or area will be provided in the Solvency Certificate.

  • The Solvency Certificate provides the information regarding the applicant and his/her property
  • The amount for which the person’s solvent   for will be mentioned in solvency certificate
  • This solvency document contains the information about the physical location of property and village details
  • Type of land, total area and status of ownership details will be recorded in this document
  • Solvency certificate provide details of assets considered for computing the solvency

Assets considered for Computing the Solvency

The below-mentioned details will be discussed for computing solvency, and Kerala solvency certificate will be issued based on that:

  • Aspects of District, Taluk and Village of the property
  • Old survey and Subdivision number of the property
  • Information regarding the re-survey block
  • Resurvey, and subdivision number will be considered for computing the solvency
  • Thanda paper number (land mutation number)
  • Class and Extent of land in Hector
  • Market value and Fair Value of land
  • Details of Liability amount

Processing Time

Time Frame to issue the Kerala solvency certificate is seven days from the date of application.

Validity of Solvency Certificate

Kerala solvency certificate is valid for a lifetime once it is obtained.

Applicable Fee

The fee structure for obtaining Kerala solvency certificate is explained in details below.

Akshaya Center fee for Kerala solvency certificate

In case of the applicant is applying Kerala solvency certificate through Akshaya Centre, a fee of Rs.28 have to be paid. (It includes Akshaya service charge is Rs.18, Government service charge is Rs. 7 and Charge for scanning/printing is Rs.3 per page).

Note: For processing these certificates, SC / ST families need to pay only Rs. 12 rupees.

For obtaining Kerala solvency certificate, Below Poverty Line (BPL) family member need to pay Rupees 20 for the document.

Fee for Online Application

To apply Kerala solvency certificate online through the e-District portal, an amount of Rs.15 to be paid.

Prescribed Authority

The Revenue Department is the concerned department for the issuance of Kerala solvency certificate. The applicant requesting for the solvency certificate should apply to the Tahsildar of the concerned district which is the competent authority.

Documents Required

Below-mentioned documents must be furnished to apply for Kerala solvency certificate in Kerala.

  • Ration Card
  • Proof of Identify – Voter ID
  • Proof of Address – Aadhaar Card
  • Proof of ownership of property
  • Land Tax
  • Encumbrance certificate (This document is evidence that the property in question is free from any monetary and legal liabilities)

Applying Kerala solvency certificate through Akshaya Centers

Procedure to apply for Kerala solvency certificate through Akshaya Centers is explained in step by step procedure here:

Step 1: The applicant needs to visit the nearest Akshaya Service Centre.

Step 2:  The applicant needs to put in the application request for the Kerala solvency certificate online at the Akshaya service Centre.


Step 3:  Submit all supporting documents (as mentioned above) to the Akshaya, service person. The request for Kerala solvency certificate will be forwarded to the Departmental backend application.

Note: Applicant will get a unique application number through SMS to registered mobile number and SMS regarding the progress of the solvency certificate application will be updated through SMS.

Step 4: The concerned revenue department will process the Kerala solvency certificate request, and after successful verification, the authorised Government Officer will issue the Kerala solvency certificate by digitally signing it.

Step 5:  Once the applicant’s Kerala solvency certificate is read, an SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number.

Step 6: Revisit any Akshaya centre, provide the unique application number to the service centre person, he/she will provide the Kerala solvency certificate from the application repository.

Step 7:  Applicant will be provided with a printed copy of the electronic Kerala Solvency certificate. It can be used for all purposes.

Applying Kerala solvency certificate through Online e-District Portal

Follow the below-mentioned step by step guidelines to apply Kerala solvency certificate through the online e-District portal.

Access e-District Portal

Step 1: Applicant needs to access the main page of the Kerala e-District portal.

User Registration

To avail online certificate services, the applicant has to register in the Kerala e-district web portal.

Step 2: To register online in e-District portal click on ‘Portal user registration’ link from the home page. The page will be redirected to the new page.

Image 1 Kerala Solvency Certificate
Image 1 Kerala Solvency Certificate

Step 3: Provide all personal details and select the login name and password. Applicants need to select password recovery question and fill the answer.

Image 2 Kerala Solvency Certificate
Image 2 Kerala Solvency Certificate

Step 4: Next steps is to provide the case-sensitive characters as they are shown and declare the statement.

Step 5: Applicant needs to click on validate and further to register. Now you can log in into the Kerala e-district portal using the username and password.

One Time Registration

Applicant needs to do a one time registration to avail Kerala solvency certificate services in e-District Kerala.

Step 6: Click on the one-time registration button. Fill all required details and select the duplicate button.

Note: Duplicate verification process will find out if the applicant has already registered through any of the Akshaya Centers or so and enable the applicant to pick all the details.

Step 7:  After the successful duplicate verification, the submit button will be enabled. Click on the submit button to register in the portal.

Note: The details registered can be edited later by clicking ‘Edit Registration’ option.

Step 8: Applicant has to click on Applicant registration, the link will direct to the next page.

Step 9: In this new page click on the duplicate, the system will automatically verify the duplicate application

Step 10: After successful duplicate verification, select the Submit button.

Step 11: To proceed with the solvency application, clicks on apply for the certificate and then click on get started.

Submitting Kerala solvency certificate application online through e-District is a three-stage process.

  • Application details section
  • Upload supporting documents
  • Make payment and generate Acknowledgement slip (Receipt)

Application Detail Section

Step 12: At first, the applicant has to enter e-District register Number and Select Certificate type as Kerala solvency certificate and then select purpose of applying this certificate.

Step 13: Enter name and select self for the relationship from the drop-down menu.

Step 14: Provide the following details to apply for a solvency certificate:

  • Applicant Details
  • Parent Details
  • Current Address
  • Permanent Address
  • Contact Details
  • Details of Properties

Note: Total solvency amount should not be less than the amount for which solvency is required.

Step 15: By clicking on save.  The applicant will be redirected to the document uploading section.

Upload Documents

Step 16: Upload all documents as mentioned above.

Note: Only PDF files can be attached. The maximum size of PDF is 100KB per page.

Step 17: Once all the required documents uploaded, make payment. Check entered details such as registration number, certificate type and all other details.

Payment and Receipt Generation

After uploading documents, the fee for Kerala solvency certificate will be shown on the screen.

Step 18: Any of the following methods can pay a solvency certificate fee.

  • Net banking
  • Debit card payment
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Cash-card prepaid
  • Wallets
  • IMPS

Step 19: Once the fee has been paid, the applicant will be redirected to the receipt page. Take a print out of this receipt along with the application for future purpose.

Track Application Status

Status of application will be displayed on the transaction history tab in the e-District portal. The applicant can also track the application status directly from the e-District portal.

Select the service as Certificate Service from the drop-down menu and provide application number. By clicking on the submit button, solvency certificate status will be displayed.

Image 3 Kerala Solvency Certificate
Image 3 Kerala Solvency Certificate

Note:  Applicant will also receive SMS regarding the status of solvency certificate application.

Verify Solvency Certificate

Once the Kerala Solvency certificate request is accepted, an SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number as the application has been approved.

The applicant can also verify the Kerala solvency certificate in the e-District portal by entering application number. Select the service as Certificate Service from the drop-down menu.

Image 4 Kerala Solvency Certificate
Image 4 Kerala Solvency Certificate

By clicking on the submit button, you can verify the solvency certificate.

Download Kerala Solvency Certificate

After receiving the certificate issued SMS on the registered mobile number login into Kerala e-District portal. Download your digitally signed Kerala solvency certificate and take print out. This document can be used for all purposes as mentioned earlier.