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Karnataka Bhagyashree Scheme

Karnataka Bhagyashree Scheme

Karnataka Bhagyashree Scheme

In order to raise the status of females in rural families in Karnataka, the Government of Karnataka launched the Karnataka Bhagyashree Scheme. This scheme provides support to the families, which falls under Below-Poverty Line (BPL) category if the family have a female child. The financial assistance provided through this scheme varies on the age of the female child, which will be explained below. Bhagyashree scheme is implemented in collaboration with the Life Insurance Corporation of India.

Objectives of the Scheme

The objective of the scheme is to:

  • Raise the status of girl children and to promote the birth of a girl child in the country.
  • Providing financial assistance to the girl child in families that fall under the BPL category.
  • It will help impart education to the girl child up to Class 10.
  • It will promote the birth of a girl child in BPL families.

Facilities Offered in the Scheme

  • The girl child will receive a health insurance cover up to Rs.25,000 each month.
  • The parents will receive1 lakh in case of an accident and Rs.42,500 in case of natural death of the girl child.
  • The child will receive an annual scholarship ranging between Rs.300 and Rs.1,000 based on the age up to Class 10.
  • After the completion of 18 years of age, the parents of the girl child will be paid Rs.34,751.
  • There are annual scholarships and insurance benefits that can be availed on the fulfilment of the eligibility criteria.

The annual scholarship is as below:


Amount of Annual Scholarship

1st–3rd Rs.300 per annum for each class
4th Rs.500
5th Rs.600
6th–7th Rs.700
8th Rs.800
9th–10th Rs.1000

Eligibility for Karnataka Bhagyashree Scheme

  • Girl children born to below the poverty line families after 31st March 2006 can avail the benefits of the scheme.
  • The BPL family can avail only for two girl children.
  • The birth enrollment of the girl child should be done within a period of one year of birth. The birth certificate should be available while applying.
  • The girl child should not be a child labourer.
  • The beneficiary should have completed Class 8 level of education and should not have been married before the age of 18.
  • The girl child should have undergone the immunisation program as per the Health Department.

Who can apply?

Mother/Father/Natural Guardian of the girl child.

Documents required

  • Duly filled-in application form of Bhagyashree Scheme
  • Income details of parents
  • Birth document of girl child
  • BPL Card
  • Address proof of the girl child
  • Bank details of the girl child card

Application procedure

There is an online and offline procedure to apply for the scheme. Application is available online and can be downloaded from This form will require details about the income of the parents, bank details and birth proof of the girl child.

In order to apply offline, below offices can be contacted:

  1. Grampanchayat office
  2. Aanganwadi Center
  3. Authorised banks
  4. NGOs
  5. Municipal Corporations

Applicants can contact the Deputy Director or Assistant Director of Women and Child Development program of the respective districts or the Child Development Project Officer.

Deputy Director (Women & Child Department)

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 080-22355984

Assistant Director (Women & Child Department)

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 9480501610