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Jharkhand Non-Encumbrance Certificate

Jharkhand Non-Encumbrance Certificate

Jharkhand Non-Encumbrance Certificate

Non-encumbrance certificate is an important document for all property. The certificate confirms that the property is free from any dues and its ownership is clear and marketable. Jharkhand non-encumbrance certificate contains details of all transactions done on a particular property. In Jharkhand, the Department of Revenue issues non-encumbrance certificate. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining Jharkhand non-encumbrance certificate in detail.

Purpose of Non-Encumbrance Certificate

A non-encumbrance certificate can be obtained for the following reasons:

  • For requesting a home loan from the banks.
  • For acquiring a loan from the respective bank against a property.
  • For the purchase and sale of a property.
  • For stating that the property is devoid of any legal liabilities.
  • To be aware of the previous transactions of property at the time of purchase its purchase.
  • All transactions relating to the property that has been registered by the Registrar will be included in the document.
  • All necessary details of the sale deed will be added to the Non-Encumbrance Certificate.
  • For gifted deeds, details on gift settlement will be notified.
  • Certain documents such as testamentary documents and short-term lease deeds need not be registered as per law.
  • The Certificate is usually valid for a specific period, and it mentions the transactions that apply to that particular period.

Documents Required

The following are the required documents that should be furnished along with the application form:

  • Application stamped with Rs.1.25 court fee.
  • Proforma NEC.
  • Affidavit.
  • Income certificate.
  • Identity Proof such as Aadhar card/ PAN card.
  • Residence Proof such as Voter ID, Driving License, Electricity Bill.

Applicable Fee

The applicant does not need to remit an application fee for applying for a Non-Encumbrance certificate. But the applicant has to pay a service charge for availing the document, which is calculated based on the number of years, i.e. for the current year or every subsequent year.

Online Application Procedure for Non-Encumbrance Certificate

To apply online for Non-Encumbrance Certificate in Jharkhand, follow the steps mentioned below:

Visit Official Portal

Step 1: Kindly visit the official website of Single Window System of Jharkhand Government.

Step 2: Click on “Department of revenue and registration” from the list of department displayed on the home page of the portal.

Apply Online

Step 3: Select “Non-Encumbrance Certificate”  from the service name and click on “click here to apply online” option.

Step 4: On the next page, the login screen will open. Kindly log in for applying a Non-Encumbrance certificate.

New Registration

Step 5: If you are logging for the first time then the applicant has to click on “New Registration”  option.

Step 6: A New Registration page will appear, wherein the applicant has to provide the following information:

  • Category of user
  • Name of the user
  • Email id
  • Select country
  • Mobile number

After filling all the relevant details, click on the ” Submit” button.

Step 7: The applicant will receive an OTP  in his/her mobile number and email ID.

Provide Login Details

Step 8: Enter the OTP and click on the “Ok” button so that the current page will be redirected to the “login” page.

Jharkhand Non-Encumbrance Certificate Step 8
Jharkhand Non-Encumbrance Certificate Step 8

Step 9: Now enter your email ID, password and click on “Login” button.

Step 10: After logging into the page the application form for Non-Encumbrance certificate will appear.

Complete the Details

Step 11: Fill the application form with the necessary details and attach the required documents along with the application form and then click the “Ok” button.

Step 12:  Upon submission, the applicant will receive a message as a confirmation of submission of application.

Note: After verification, the certified copy of Non-Encumbrance certificate will be issued by the concerned authority in person.

Download Non-Encumbrance Certificate

As an alternative, the certificate can be downloaded online by following the steps given below:

Step 1: Please visit the e-Nibandhan  portal of the Registration department.

Step 2: Click on “Search Non-Encumbrance” menu from the home screen.

Jharkhand Non-Encumbrance Certificate Portal
Jharkhand Non-Encumbrance Certificate Portal

Step 3: Now select the appropriate year of Non-Encumbrance from the list.

Step 4: The applicant has to fill  the application in the next page with details such as:

  • District
  • Date of application
  • Name of Applicant
  • Search for years
  • Email id
  • Phone
  • Address

After filling the entire details, the applicant will have to click on the “Next” button.


Jharkhand Non-Encumbrance Certificate Image 1
Jharkhand Non-Encumbrance Certificate Image 1

Step 5: Now select the mode of search to be conducted, the options include ‘Party Details,’ ‘Property Details’, and ‘Deed Number.’

Jharkhand Non-Encumbrance Certificate Image 2
Jharkhand Non-Encumbrance Certificate Image 2

Search by Party

Step 6: In the Party wise search, enter party details such as Party name, Father’s/Husband Name, Deed Type and Party type. One can also change the search year here. Click the Search button to proceed.

Jharkhand Non-Encumbrance Certificate Image 3
Jharkhand Non-Encumbrance Certificate Image 3

Search by Property

Step 7: In Property wise search, enter property details such as Anchal Name, Mauja/Thana, Khata No., Plot No., and Deed type. One can also change search year here. Click the Search button to proceed.

Jharkhand Non-Encumbrance Certificate Image 4
Jharkhand Non-Encumbrance Certificate Image 4

Search By Deed Number

Step 8: In Deed Number-wise search; enter deed details such as Deed No, Year and Deed type, and click the “Search” button to proceed.

Search Fee

Step 9: Receipt or Challan is generated for the search depending on the number of search years. Click the  “Pay” button to make payment. The applicant can take the print out of the generated receipt/challan.

Jharkhand Non-Encumbrance Certificate Image 5
Jharkhand Non-Encumbrance Certificate Image 5

Payment Gateway

Step 10: The payment can be completed either by internet banking or through the debit card. Select your respective bank and make the payment.

Jharkhand Non-Encumbrance Certificate Payment
Jharkhand Non-Encumbrance Certificate Payment

Application ID

Step 11: Application Id, Transaction Id, and Reference Number are generated. Click “Continue” to proceed further.

Step 12: Now enter the details relevant to the Non-encumbrance certificate to search your appropriate certificate and click on “Search” button.

Step 13: The certified copy of Non-Encumbrance certificate will be displayed on the Current page, which can be downloaded by clicking on “Print” Option.

Jharkhand Non-Encumbrance Certificate Certificate
Jharkhand Non-Encumbrance Certificate Certificate

Processing Time

The processing of the Non-Encumbrance certificate in the state of Jharkhand may be completed in a single working day from the date of application.

Concerned Authority

After verification of the application, the document will be issued by a Sub Registrar/ Joint Sub Registrar.