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Jammu and Kashmir Permanent Resident Certificate

Jammu-and-Kashmir-Permanent-Resident Certificate 

Jammu and Kashmir Permanent Resident Certificate 

Under the Jammu and Kashmir Grant of Permanent Resident Certificate (Procedure) Rules, 1968, every permanent resident of the state as defined in the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir entitles to Permanent Residence Certificate (PRC) or State Subject Certificate. Concerned Deputy Commissioner can issue this certificate to the residents of Jammu and Kashmir state. As a special dispensation, the Relief Organisation has been authorised for providing this facility to the migrants. In this article, we look at the procedure to obtain Jammu and Kashmir Permanent Resident Certificate in detail.

Benefits of Obtaining Permanent Residence Certificate

The Permanent residence certificate holds various purposes. Importance of getting resident certificate are as follows:

  • To get local preference, state subject certificate can be used in many situations.
  • For students to obtain admission to an educational institution under quotas, PRC is beneficial.
  • PRC or State Subject is also mandatory for obtaining Government Scholarship schemes.
  • For applying for Jammu and Kashmir ration card, it is a crucial document.
  • State subject certificate requires for seeking Government jobs in Jammu and Kashmir
  • For purchasing property within the state, PRC is an essential document

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria to apply for permanent residence certificate in Jammu and Kashmir are listed as follows:

  • Permanent resident of Jammu and Kashmir state as defined in section 6 of the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir state is eligible.
  • A citizen who is neither migrated nor attained citizenship of any foreign country only eligible
  • If a person’s forefathers have been residing in Jammu and Kashmir state before 1942 B.K can apply PRC
  • A person who is applying for state subject has not obtained the said PRC from anywhere so far
  • Permanent Ration holder of Tehsil Srinagar is eligible
  • Married/unmarried person can apply for this document

Time Frame

The processing time for Jammu and Kashmir permanent residence certificate is 30 Days, i.e. this certificate will be issued with thirty days from the date of application.

Validity of PRC

PRC holds the validity for a lifetime. Permanent Residence Certificate or State subject issued to daughters of permanent residence of the Jammu and Kashmir valid up to marriage.

Documents Required

To obtain the Jammu and Kashmir permanent residence certificate, the applicant needs to submit below-mentioned documents:

  • Application on the prescribed format.
  • Affidavit of the applicant/father/guardian /Adult children (if any) declaring that they/he/she are/is the permanent resident of the Jammu and Kashmir State 
  • Attested photocopy of Ration card.
  • Birth certificate from School/Municipality/Police station/Medical Officer /Village Chowkidar.
  • The register of Deaths
  • Certified copy of the current voter list.
  • Copy of the voter list of 1951 to 1957, if required
  • Certified copies of Misal Haqiyat Jamabandi/Shajra Nasab before 1944-AD.
  • Copy of PRC of father/grandfather/husband (In case of non-availability an affidavit shall be attached to this effect).
  • Form “Alif”/ certified copy of the cancellation Register, in case of POK displaced persons, wherever required.
  • Current Revenue record viz. Jamabani / Khasra Girdawari and Shajra Nasab.

Documents required – In case of a nomadic family

The person who belongs to a nomadic family of Gujjar and Bakerwal community and does not possess any immovable property in Jammu and Kashmir, the application shall be accompanied by the following documents

  • Permanent Resident certificate of father or grandfather
  • Copies of the voter list from 1957 onwards
  • Copies of revenue record under which he has obtained immovable property
  • Copies of revenue record where under the immovable property
  • Copy of Chola-Bandi
  • Copy of Forest Moto of 1944

Permanent Residence Certificate Application Procedure

Guidelines for applying permanent residence certificate are in the step by step procedure here.

Approach Competent Authority or Tahasildar

Step 1: Submit an application for PRC in the presented format along with documentary evidence of permanent residence either to the competent authority or to the Tehsil in which the applicant ordinarily resides.

J&K PRC application

Note: In the case of minors and persons suffering from any disability, applications can be submitted by their duly appointed guardians. Overleaf Certificate is reproduced here.


Approach Assistant Commissioner – In case of a migrated person

Persons migrated from one division to another need to present their applications to the competent authority or the Assistant Commissioner/Tahsildar of the area in which they reside for the most of the year immediately preceding the date of PRC application.

Submit an Affidavit

Step 2: Every application for PRC has to be accompanied by an affidavit as to the correctness of the statement made by the applicant in his/her application.

J&K PRC Affidavit

Verification of residency

Step 3: Upon submission of the application to the competent authority, he/she will call for a report from the Assistant Commissioner or Tahsildar of the area in which the applicant resides.

Step 4: After verification, the Assistant Commissioner or Tahsildar will submit the report to the competent authority.

Verification by Naib-Tehsildar

Step 5: The competent authority will forward the application for grant of the certificate to the Naib-Tehsildar of the sub-division Naibat concerned by the person who resides within the jurisdiction of such Niabat.

Step 6: The concerned Naib Tahsildar will take recourse to all things to be taken under rules and send the case to the Tahsildar duly recommended who will refer the case to the competent authority.

Note: If the information in the application proves the contrary to what has been stated, the applicant will be liable to penal action.

Enquiry with Witness

Step 7:  On receipt of the report, the Tahsildar/Assistant Commissioner or the competent authorities will record a statement of the applicant and the witnesses

Step 8:  After the completion of the enquiry, Tahsildar or AC will submit the file to the competent authority along with the report enclosing two copies of the certificate in a prescribed format. The certificate will contain the following:

  • The left-hand fingerprints and thump impression of the applicant in case of the male with signature
  • The right-hand fingerprints and thumps impression in the case of a female
  • Marks of identification
  • Measurements of height entered at the places indicated therein, in his presence.

Grant of certificate

The competent authority, after satisfying the genuineness of the claim, made by the applicant may grant the Permanent Residence Certificate or State Subject Certificate.

Note: If sufficient residential proof is not available, such cases will be forwarded for further verification to the concerned Deputy Commissioner of the district wherefrom the person has migrated.