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Jagriti Yatra

Jagriti Yatra

Jagriti Yatra

Jagriti Yatra is a 15-day long national train journey, where participants travel 8000 kilometres across the nation to understand and build small towns and villages through enterprise. It is set up under a non-profit charitable organisation called  Jagriti Sewa Sansthan whose headquarters is located in Mumbai. Based in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh, the body focuses on skill development.

Motto of Jagriti Yatra

Inspire. And get inspired.
Change. And lead change in others.
Learn. And share your life’s lessons.
Build and help build India through Enterprise
Discover India and a new Indian inside you
All outside the comfort of your homes, in a moving train across India.

Vision of Jagriti Yatra

The idea of Jagriti is ‘building India through enterprise’. It aims to inspire youths living in the midst of the Indian demographic diamond to lead development by taking to enterprises, therefore unleashing a movement of enterprise-led-development.

Jagriti focuses on seven verticals of development, namely:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Education
  3. Energy
  4. Healthcare
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Water and Sanitation
  7. Arts, Culture and Sports

Mission of Jagriti Yatra

Jagriti Yatra intends to nurture 1 lakh entrepreneurs by 2022 and create 10 lakh jobs during this process.

Three Horizons Approach

Jagriti’s vision comprises of more than two elements. It stands on three pillars, as mentioned below. The three pillars contribute to Jagriti’s overall vision of ‘creating job creators in place of job seekers’.

  • Jagriti Yatra (JV)
  • Jagriti Enterprise Network (JEN)
  • Jagriti Enterprise Center (JEC)

Jagriti Yatra is successfully running for the last few years and is now focusing on building Jagriti Enterprise Network that serves as an ecosystem to support the young entrepreneurs from Middle India. Jagriti Enterprise Institute is a long-term plan that aims to be a physical incubation centre for Middle India enterprises.

Yatra Selection Procedure

A rigorous process is in place to select the brightest talent from various applicants. The idea is to identify youth who are above 20 years of age, capable of bringing a change.


To select a Yatri, the selection committee does not look at exam results and instead considers the abilities, motivations and values of the candidate. The organisation understands the candidates’ understanding of the nation’s pressing problems and the commitment and approach in solving them.

Diversity in Selection

The organisation focuses on applicants from Middle and an even geographical spread within India. Moreover, it looks for equal representation for male-female candidates. Jagriti Yatra consists of upto 40 exceptional international candidates whose global exposure contributes to the enhancement of the Yatra.

The Yatra Composition

Yatris selected for the Yatra can either be a participant or a facilitator.

Participant: The participants are young candidates who are above 20 years and are determined to ‘be the change they want to see’ and have the potential to become entrepreneurs and change-makers.

Facilitator: Facilitators are experienced professionals, who are 27 years of age and are looking forward to joining the movement for Enterprise-led development. They may be both entrepreneurs and professionals.

A facilitator serves as a mentor and a coordinator during the Yatra and is assigned a unit of six participants. They are obliged to

  • Support the participants to make the most of the Yatra by managing individual and collaborative learning.
  • Manage the unit throughout the journey as per the Yatra Mantra (Code of Conduct).
  • Bridge the gap between the participants and the organising team.

The facilitators are required to be fluent in either English or Hindi.


Interested candidates can apply online by filling the main application form online or by sending it through post. The application lists a series of essay-type questions that are designed to ensure the suitability for the yatra. It tests the entrepreneurial potential of a candidate by a selection panel of more than 30 experts. Random interviews and reference checks are also conducted to validate the accuracy of the candidature.

Facilitators’ applications are further assessed in terms of their professional experience and the ability to communicate, coordinate and manage youth. This is done through additional information in the form and an informal telephonic interview.

Online Procedure

The applicant can register to the yatra from their official website and select the desired choice of language while registering.

Offline Procedure

The applicant can download the application from their official portal and submit the application by post.