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How to Find Property Guideline Value in Tamilnadu


How To Find Property Guideline Value In Tamilnadu

Guideline value of a land is the estimated market value of a land as per Government records. Under ideal conditions, guideline value should truly reflect the market value. However, in most cases, guideline value is lower than the market value; but can also be higher than market value. Guideline values have been fixed for all the areas in the State by the Government. Well established residential areas have street based guideline values. For properties that are not formed into streets, guideline value is fixed based on the survey number of the property.

Guideline value of a property play an important role in the decision to purchase a property and its subsequent registration. Guideline value helps the registering officer with detection of under valuation of property for avoidance of registration charges. However, if the guideline value is unreasonably higher than the market value, such instances can be brought to the notice of the concerned District Registrar, Deputy Inspector General of Registration and Inspector General of Registrations for correction of the anomaly.

Finding Property Guideline Value

To find the guideline value for a property, visit the Tamilnadu Registration Department website.

Tamilnadu Guideline Value Website

On the left side of the window, select the zone for which guideline value is required and select search by street name on the right side pane.

Search Guideline Value

Now enter the street name or part of the street name and click on search to find the guideline value of a property in the next screen.

Guideline Value Search Results

Based on the search query, details of the guideline value including street name, village name, sub-registrar office, guideline value and property classification are provided.

The same website can also be used to find guideline value by category, wherein based on the sub-registrar office and the village, guideline value is published for categories of land like commercial, residential, industrial and agricultural with additional classifications.

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