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Hathkargha Samvardhan Sahayata Yojana

Hathkargha Samvardhan Sahayata Yojana

Hathkargha Samvardhan Sahayata Yojana

The Government of India has launched the Hathkargha Samvardhan Sahayata Yojana for the welfare of handloom weavers. The scheme was introduced to facilitate technology up-gradation in the handloom sector by providing 90% subsidy for the purchase of looms and accessories by the weavers. In this article, we look at the Hathkargha Samvardhan Sahayata Yojana in detail.


The objectives of the Hathkargha Samvardhan Sahayata Yojana are:

  • To facilitate the up-gradation of technology in loom units
  • To encourage the development of capabilities to create employment opportunities in emerging technological areas.

Nature of Subsidy

Under the Hathkargha Samvardhan Sahayata Yojana, all the eligible weavers will get 90% subsidy for technological up-gradation from the government, and the remaining 10% has to be self-owned by the beneficiary.

Admissible Technology Up-gradation Items

Only the below-listed items are eligible to get subsidy:

  • Pneumatic jacquard system for a set of four handlooms
  • Motorised jacquards on the existing handloom
  • Take-up and let off motions on the existing handloom (including fitting charges)
  • Multiple box motion
  • Multiple but weaving sley
  • Twin cloth weaving mechanism (including fixing cost)
  • Jacquard with complete set including installation
  • Dobby
  • Healds reeds, bobbins, shuttles etc. (set)
  • Frame Loom
    • Up to 60 inches
    • Above 60 inches
  • Construction of workshed
  • Asu Machine (Manual), Asu Machine (Motorised)
  • Warp beam & fabric beam
  • Normal warping machine
  • Motorised warping machine
  • Motorised Pirn Winding machine
  • Motorised Pirn (cum bobbin / dubba Winding machine)
  • Street Sizing Kit (brush, sticks, spray gun etc.)

Selection of Beneficiaries

The Weavers Service Centre will prepare the list of beneficiaries in association with the implementing agency and State Directorate of Handlooms. The preference will be given to the weavers who have undergone training in weaving in the last 2 years under various government programmes including Block Level Clusters and are willing to contribute 10% of the cost.

Documents Required

Following documents are to be submitted along with the application:

  • Copy of Aadhar Card.
  • Weavers’ identity card.
  • Two passport size photograph of the applicant.

Organising Camps

A camp will be held by the Weavers Service Centre (WSC) for the suppliers to display their products. The WSC will assure that the quality of the item shown in the camp matches with the sample submitted by the supplier. The supplier can inform the time limit for delivery of the specified products.

The selected weavers can place their order for the supply of particular items and pay their 10% financial contribution digitally to the supplier through RTGS/NEFT/UPI etc.

The WSC will confirm the order and inform to the supplier with the details of the weavers such as name, address, mobile number, name of the items to be supplied along with their specifications and cost, expected date of supply etc.

Release of Fund

On depositing 10% financial contribution by the weaver to the supplier, the assistance (amount) will be directly transferred to the beneficiary bank’s account after the installation of items to enable payment to the supplier.

Note: The payment to the supplier by the beneficiary is made after getting satisfactory inspection report from Weavers Service Centre (WSC).


The quality and physical verification of the products supplied is done jointly by the official of the WSC and National Handloom Development Corporation Limited (NHDC) or State Directorate of Handlooms and Textiles. The inspection has to be completed within 7 working days of the supply/installation. In case the quality of the item is not satisfied, the same will be informed to the supplier for corrective action.


Penal Action

If the supplier does not provide items as per requirement, then the suitable penalty will be imposed by the WSC. In case, the beneficiary utilizes the assistance for any other purposes other than technology up-gradation, the immediate action by the concerned authority will be taken to recover the funds.


The units will be monitored by furnishing cluster-wise physical progress to NHDC by WSC, and the NHDC will submit physical and financial progress to the Office of DC (Handlooms).

Administrative Cost

The NHDC will charge 1 to 2% as administrative charges (on government share) for rendering their services.