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Haryana VAT Registration

Haryana VAT

Haryana VAT Registration

VAT or Value Added Tax is a tax on the sale and purchase of goods. VAT is regulated by the State Governments through the VAT Act enacted in each of the State in India. The sale and purchase of goods in the State of Haryana is regulated by the Haryana Value Added Tax Act, 2003.  In this article, we look at Haryana VAT in detail.

VAT Registration

Haryana VAT registration must be obtained by any person or business or not-for-profit entity which sells, supplies or distributes any goods in the State of Haryana. Even those entities doing  seasonal business or any entity involved in import or export of goods from the State of Haryana, irrespective of the main place of business of such entity, must obtain Haryana VAT registration. However, in the case of a Farmer or member of his family, who sells within Haryana exclusively, the agricultural produce grown by himself or grown on any land in which he has an interest whether as owner, is not required to obtain VAT registration.

Any dealer importing or exporting goods from the State of Haryana must obtain VAT registration on and from the day of first sale or purchase. Also, any dealer who resides outside the State of Haryana but delivers or supplies or distributes any goods in the State of Haryana, must obtain VAT registration on and from the day of first sale or purchase.

Any other class or classes of dealers, which most entities and businesses fall under, are required to obtain Haryana VAT registration on or from the day on which gross turnover exceeds Rs. 5 lakhs.

Security Deposit for Haryana VAT Registration

Under Haryana VAT regulations, the VAT registration Officer can impose security deposit as a condition for issuance of VAT registration certificate. VAT security deposit is required if the VAT Officer thinks a deposit is necessary to ensure proper realisation of the VAT payment and VAT return filing.

In case a VAT Officer decides to impose a security deposit, then he must do so by an order in writing and record the reasons. In any case, the aggregate of the amount of security deposit should not exceed the tax payable and the VAT applicant must be given a reasonable opportunity for being heard, if requested.

Haryana VAT Return Filing

Entities having Haryana VAT registration must file VAT returns as per the Haryana VAT Act. The due date for Haryana Quarterly VAT return filing is the last day of the month following the quarter. Hence, quarterly VAT returns in Haryana are due on April 30th, July 31st, October 31st and January 31st. Also, an annual VAT return must be filed by those entities having Haryana VAT on or before 30th November, for the immediately succeeding year.

Haryana VAT Payment

An entity registered as a Haryana VAT dealer and having an aggregate VAT & CST liability of upto Rs.1 lakh in the preceding year is required to pay Haryana VAT by the 15th of each month. In case of small traders having less than Rs.1 lakh of VAT & CST liability in the preceding year, VAT payments can be made for a quarter within the month immediately following the quarter.