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Gujarat Solvency Certificate

Gujarat Solvency Certificate

Gujarat Solvency Certificate

Solvency certificate is an important legal document which is issued based on the documents depicting the ownership of property lying in the concerned state. Solvency certificate is used to certify the creditworthiness of an individual and helps to verify the solvency of a person while applying for loans from the bank. An individual can obtain a solvency certificate from the concerned collector and District Magistrate. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining Gujarat Solvency Certificate in detail.

Reasons for Obtaining Solvency Certificate

The following are the circumstances when a solvency certificate is required.

  • Solvency certificate is needed for seeking admission in Government Medical and Engineering colleges.
  • Solvency certificate is also needed for court matters, like obtaining bails.
  • Solvency certificate is claimed as proof of finance in support of education and also helps in Visa interview.
  • Solvency certificate is used as a document of surety by various government and semi-government offices.
  • Solvency certificate helps to know about the individuals loan related statements that are obtained from the bank.

Eligibility Criteria

Any person residing in the respective Tahasil having his/her landed property in Gujarat is entitled to obtain Solvency Certificate.

Documents Required

The required documents are to be furnished along with the application form.

  • Applicant voter ID or Aadhar card.
  • Copy of passport.
  • Copy of income certificate.
  • Copy of bank statement
  • Copy of Return on Revenue.
  • List of immovable properties.
  • Copy of encumbrance certificate.
  • GN Certified copies of 7/12 and GN-6
  • copy of the assessment card / CT survey’s property card
  • Any other document in support or claim.

Concerned Authority

After submitting the application form with the above documents, the request will be forwarded to the Jan Seva Kendra office. The collector and District magistrate will verify the documents and submit his report to the concerned authority of the department that is authorized to issue the Solvency certificate.

Processing Time

The entire process of providing a solvency certificate will be completed within ten days from the date of application.

Applicable Fee

The applicant has to remit an application fee of Rs.20/- to apply for Solvency certificate in Gujarat.

Application Procedure for Gujarat Solvency Certificate

The applicant can obtain Gujarat Solvency Certificate by following the steps mentioned below:

Approach Jan Seva Kendra Office

Step 1: The applicant must visit the Mamlatdar/Talati/Jan Seva Kendra office to collect the application form of a solvency certificate.

The application form for solvency certificate is provided below that can be downloaded for quick reference.


Step 2: The application form has to be filled by the applicant properly without any mistakes.

Upload the Documents

Step 3: Now attach the documents specified after filling the application form for approval.

Step 4: Then submit the duly filled application form to the concerned authority of Jan Seva Kendra office.

Make a Checklist

Step 5: The application has to be checked by the applicant with two criteria’s. They are

  • If there is a need of Javab Panch Namu in the form, then the applicant should get two people for verification to the concerned office.
  • If not required, then the applicant can directly go to the relevant office for submitting the form.
  • In case of holding caste certificate or senior certificate then the applicant can directly submit the form to the concerned office. If not holding any of the documents the affidavit needs to be issued by the relevant office as specified in the form.

Payment Generation

Step 6: Then the applicant should make payment for the issuance of the solvency certificate upon submission.

Step 7: After verification, the copy of the solvency certificate will be issued at the mentioned period by the concerned authority.

Validly of Gujarat Solvency Certificate

The Solvency Certificate is valid for lifetime and there is no requirement to renew the certificate.