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How to Get Import Authorisation in India

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How to Get Import Authorisation in India

A fundamental feature of the Foreign Trade Policy of India is free trade. Hence, many licensing, quantitative restrictions and regulatory discretionary controls on import or export of goods or services from India have been relaxed. However, some items might still require import authorisation. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining import authorisation in India.

Free Import

All goods may be imported freely into India without any restriction except to the extent such imports are regulated by the provision of the Foreign Trade Policy or any other law for the time being in force. The item wise import and export policy is published in the ITC (HS) Classifications of Export and Import Items by the Director General of Foreign Trade.

Import Restricted through Authorisation

Import of goods and service which are restricted under ITC(HS) classification of Export and Import items, will be allowed only in accordance with an authorisation or a public notice issued on behalf of the concerned regional authority.

Import Authorisation Terms

All import authorisations are provided under terms and conditions as specified by the regional authority, which may include:

  • Description, quantity and value of goods to be imported.
  • Actual user condition.
  • Export obligation, if any.
  • Minimum value addition to be achieved, if any.
  • Minimum export or import price.
  • Bank guarantee or legal undertaking or bond with customs authority.
  • Validity period.

Applying for Import Authorisation

An application for grant of import authorisation for import of items mentioned as restricted in ITC (HS) can be made to the Regional Authority.

Denied Entity List (DEL)

If an import authorisation holder violates any condition of authorisation or fails to fulfil export obligation, or fails to deposit the requisite amount within the period specified, then the person or entity can be placed under the Denied Entity List by the concerned regional authority. On being placed in the DEL, the entity would be refused grant or renewal of license, certificate, scrip or any instrument bestowing financial or fiscal benefits to the entity.

Obtain IE Code to Import or Export goods from India.

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