General Term Loan Scheme

General Term Loan Scheme

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General Term Loan Scheme

General Term Loan Scheme is intended to provide financial assistance to all small scale/medium/ large scale industries and service sector units for a new project or to expand /modernise/ diversify the existing project. This scheme is administered by Tamilnadu Industrial Investment Corporation Ltd. [TIIC]. In this article, we look at the General Term Loan scheme of TIIC in detail.


The TIIC is a leading State Financial Corporation which was established in 1949. For fostering industrial development in Tamilnadu, TIIC provides financial assistance to industries for the machinery, purchase of land and construction of buildings. TIIC provides financial support at competitive interest rates for setting up/ expansion/modernisation/ diversification industries in Tamilnadu. TIIC also assists service sector projects (hotels, hospitals and tourism-related projects).

While TIIC assists micro, small and medium enterprises [MSME] and large enterprises, about ninety per cent of the assistance go to the MSME sector, of this, nearly forty per cent goes to first generation entrepreneurs.


All small scale/medium/ large scale industries and service sector units.

A proprietary concern, Partnership concern, Private Limited Company and Public Limited Company.

Quantum of Loan

The maximum loan amount considered under the scheme.

Amount of maximum loan

Features of  General Term Loan Scheme

Features of  General Term Loan Scheme

Rate of Interest (ROI)


Rate of Interest (ROI)


  • Existing assisted clients (MSME/ Non-MSME) continuously in a standard category for three years at the time of sanction.
  • Wind Mills / Solar Projects (Prompt /Standard for the last three years).
  • New/ Existing Clients of My Doctor & Doctor Plus scheme.
  • Loans up to Rs.2.00 lakhs (including Transport loans).
  • Units with Highest Credit Rating.


  • Existing non- assisted units (MSME/ Non-MSME) with a good track record for three completed years at the time of sanction.
  • Units with External Credit Rating (excluding highest and high Credit Ratings).
  • Wind Mills / Solar Projects (New Clients).
  • New MSME & Transport Sector.


For purchase of medical equipment (Old cases other than My Doctor, Doctor Plus Schemes).


New Non-MSME Term Loan.


  • Micro, Small, Enterprises Funding (MSEF) Scheme.
  • Clean Term Loan scheme.
  • Drawee Bill Scheme.
  • Bill Finance Scheme.


  • Loans to Hospitals, Doctors and Nursing Home, purchase of land and construction of the building (Old cases other than My Doctor, Doctor Plus Schemes).
  • Term Loan to service sector viz., Shopping Complex, Community Hall, Kalyana Mandapam etc.
  • Term Loan for replacement of high-cost loan.
  • Entrepreneur Development Scheme (EDS).
  • Grow an Entrepreneur Scheme (GES).
  • Contractors Credit Scheme.
  • Corporate Loan Scheme.

Registration of Application

Application form

The entrepreneurs should apply in the prescribed application form obtained from the Head Office/ Branch Offices of the TIIC on free of cost. The application forms can be downloaded from the website

Registration Fees

The Registration Fee is Rs.10,000/- (loans above Rs.10.00 lakhs) for loans to be considered by Branch Sanction Committee (BSC) / Regional Level Sanction Committee (RLSC). For the loan amount which is to be recognised by EC / Board at Head Office, the Registration Fees is Rs.50,000/-.

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