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EVC Generation Using Aadhar


EVC Generation Using Aadhar

Taxpayers in India are required to file their income tax returns every year. An income tax return filed by a taxpayer must be verified by way of submitting signed ITR-V form to CPC or by completing EVC generation. Earlier, the task of verification was purely vested with the Bangalore based Centralized Processing Centre (CPC). The Income Tax Department sought to change this trend. Hence, the Income Tax Department instituted the creation of an online verification facility called Electronic Verification Code (EVC). This process can be carried out by obtaining an EVC through various means and authenticating the income tax return filed online. In this article, we briefly discuss the process of e-verification of Income Tax Returns (ITR) by means of obtaining EVC through Aadhar Card.

Methods of Generating EVC

EVC verification code can be generated through the following ways:

  • E-mail ID and mobile number
  • Aadhar Card
  • Net banking
  • ATM
  • Bank account details
  • Demat account

Process of Completing EVC

Let us examine the procedure through which e-verification is completed by using an Aadhar Card:

Step 1:- Official Website

Please visit the official website for e-filing, wherein income tax returns are filed and verified.

Step 2:- Login

You will find three options at the top right corner of the page. Among them, select “Register” if you haven’t registered to the portal yet, and select “Login” if you have already registered.

Step 3:- The Login Page

If you are an existing user and have selected the “Login here” option; you will be directed to the login page, wherein you need to enter your “User ID” and “Password”, along with the “Captcha code”. Click the “Login” option to access the portal.

Step 4:- Linking Aadhar with PAN

E-verification through Aadhar can only be completed if your Aadhar Card is linked with PAN Card. You will be prompted for the same during the process of “Login” so that you are not deprived of this benefit. Such a prompt will be generated along with a guide for the linking process, abiding with which this sub-process is ticked off. You may also click on “Later” if you wish to do the same at a future period.

Step 5:- E-filed Returns or Forms

On the “Dashboard,” click on “My Account” and opt for “e-Filed Returns/Forms.

Step 6:- Viewing your Returns

On the next page, choose “Click here to view your returns pending for e-verification” option to view the pertinent returns that are pending to be verified.

Step 7:- E-Verify

Click on the “e-Verify” option, which is found adjacent to your list of returns.

Step 8:- The Aadhar Step

Select the third option among the list of options provided, i.e., the option which states that “I would like to generate Aadhar OTP to e-verify my return” (an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number).

Step 9:- Enter the OTP
As a final step, enter the OTP in the space provided.