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EGROOPS – Partnership Firm Registration in Kerala


EGROOPS – Partnership Firm Registration in Kerala

Partnership firms are the second most common type of business entity in India after proprietorship. One of the most significant advantages of a partnership firm is that more than one person can invest and run the business. Further, when compared to an LLP, partnership firms are more comfortable to register, as there is no requirement for obtaining DSC or DIN or Name Approval. Partnership registration falls under the purview of State Governments while LLP registration falls under the purview of Central Government under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. (Partnership Firm vs LLP). In Kerala, registration of Partnership Firm can be completed through the EGROOPS portal. In this article, we look at the procedure for registration of partnership firm through EGROOPS portal in detail.

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EGROOPS or Electronic Governance for Registration of Partnership Firms and Societies is the official website for online Registration of Societies and Partnership Firms in Kerala. The Centre developed EGROOPS for Development of Imaging Technology (C-DIT) for the effective registration of Partnership Firms and Societies in the State of Kerala. Using EGROOPS platform, the user can avail the following services:

  • New firm Registration
  • New Society Registration
  • Firm Registration Status
  • Society Registration Status
  • Change of Partners
  • Change of Firm Address
  • Change of Society Address

Before Registration

Before registration of a partnership firm through EGROOPS, it is recommended that the applicant verifies that the proposed name is not similar or identical to an existing company name or LLP name or trademark. Though a partnership firm could be registered with the same name, it could lead to legal hassles in the future. Hence, it is best to do a quick name availability check and trademark search.

Acceptable Name for Partnership Firm

After completing a name check against MCA and trademark database, the partners have to consider below-mentioned rules while selecting a name for their firm.

  • The names must not be excessively comparative or indistinguishable, making it impossible to the name of another current firm doing comparable business; this is important to avoid confusion. The fundamental explanation for this rule is that the goodwill or notoriety of the firm might be harmed if another firm could receive a partnered name.
  • As per Section 58(3) of Indian Partnership Act, 1932, the name of a firm should not contain words like Crown, Emperor, Empress, Empire or words communicating or inferring the endorse, endorsement or support of Government except for when the State Government connotes its assent in composing for the use of such words as a component of the firm name.

Partnership Firm Registration Application

The following is the partnership firm registration application in Kerala. The applicant must submit the application along with the photo, identity and address proof of the partners.

Kerala Partnership Firm Registration Application

EGROOPS Partnership Firm Registration Procedure

Follow the steps below to register a partnership firm using the EGROOPS platform.

Step 1: Access the home page of EGROOPS.


Step 2: Click on “New firm registration” button shown on the right side of the homepage. Note: The applicant must be one of the partners of the firm to register the firm. In the screen below submit their information along with photo and identity proof.


Step 3: After completing all data, click on the submit button provided at the end of the form. The applicant will get a system generated number and password. The same will also be sent to their mobile and email address.

Step 4: Now login to the EGROOPS portal using the username and password provided. After logging in, the applicant will be able to launch an application for registration of a partnership firm by clicking on the link in the centre of the screen for registration of new partnership firm.

Step 5: Provide a name for the partnership firm and an address. 

Step 6: Now, provide details of the partners and upload supporting documents. The EGROOPS system can accept 4 categories of partner namely, normal partner, minor partner, power of attorney and company. Based on the type selected, different information would have to be submitted. For partners, details like name, age, gender, guardian details, address, mobile number, etc. must be provided in the form. 

Note: In the case of a company, the company elects one person as the representative of the company in all legal matters; he or she should enter the details in the space provided. After submitting partner details and uploading the required document, the applicant should click on the add partner button to add all partners in the firm.

Step 7: After adding all Partners, add the details of other branches of the firm by clicking on the “Add Business Place” button, if applicable. 

Step 8: After updating the partner and business place information along with supporting documents, the applicant can make an online payment for registration of partnership firm. The following are the modes to do the payment:

  • Money order
  • Cash payment
  • e-Payment

Select the payment mode and click the submit button to initiate payment.

Step 9: On receiving payment, the applicant will receive a confirmation message and reference number for future reference, the same will send to the registered mobile number and email ID. The applicant should keep this reference number for future use. Applicant should complete the attestation of the application with a registered attesting officer like Gazette Officer or Advocate or Attorney or Vakil or Honorary Magistrate or Chartered Accountant or Income-Tax officer.

In case, the application is rejected, the application will be available in the EGROOPS account. However, the registered person can view the rejected application by login into EGROOPS and resubmit the application after rectifying the defect.

Step 10: If the registration application was successful, by clicking on “Print Acknowledgement”, the applicant can view and download the PDF form for partnership firm registration certificate as shown below.

Kerala Partnership Firm Registration Certificate