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CBIC Tax Information Portal 

CBIC Tax Information Portal

Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) has launched a revamped Tax Information Portal. With the help of this portal, all indirect tax legislation, rules, regulations, and forms will be available for the easy reference of taxpayers. This portal’s information will be continually updated and enhanced progressively by CBIC. In this article, we will look at the CBIC Tax Information Portal in detail.

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Features of the Portal

The features of the CBIC Tax Information Portal are listed as follows:

  • On this website, information under all categories such as Customs Law, GST Law, Central Excise Law, and even the erstwhile Service Tax Law will be available.
  • The portal would provide complete knowledge of all import and export-related requirements covered under the Customs Tariff.
  • The introduction of this CBIC Tax Information Portal will also boost the ease of doing cross-border trade
  • This revamped Portal will provide free access to information on all Customs procedures and regulatory compliance.
  • The information would be provided for nearly 12,000 Customs Tariff Items.
  • This facilitation tool will empower businesses as well as any interested person with up-to-date information regarding legal and procedural requirements of Customs and Partner Government Agencies such as FSSAI, AQIS, PQIS, Drug Controller, etc.
  • This is a pan India map that shows all the Customs seaports, airports, land customs stations, etc.
  • This portal also comprises addresses of regulatory agencies and their websites.

Latest Updates Section

The Portal also has a Section called Latest Updates (Notifications and Circulars) which contains links to Circulars, Notifications, Rate Notifications, Circulars, and Orders relating to GST, Customs, and Central Excise & Service Tax.

Procedure to Use Tax Information Portal

For the smooth search of contents, taxpayers can search anything relating to the indirect tax by entering keywords in this search box, and filtering our content by different indirect tax laws such as Central Excise, Customs, GST, and Services.

A filter has been provided on the Tax Information Portal website which helps to narrow the search by giving the taxpayer an option whether he/she wants to search the content in Act, Rules, Regulations, or Forms by selecting relevant categories.

CBIC Tax Information Portal - Homepage
CBIC Tax Information Portal – Homepage

It also provides another filter that contains an alphabetical list of various other options through which taxpayers can filter the content.

CBIC Tax Information Portal - Details
CBIC Tax Information Portal – Details

CBIC also announced that, In case, any user comes across any anomaly or error in content, it is requested to please notify CBIC on f[email protected]n