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Building Blocks Real-Estate Accelerator Program


Building Blocks Real-Estate Accelerator Program

Building Blocks looks at facilitating and supporting startups in the realty tech space and other ancillary industries such as facility management, waste management, real estate, clean & nanotechnology, etc. Viridian Accelerator Centre (V@C) has partnered with Startup India as the key partner for rolling out the Building Blocks Real-Estate Accelerator Program for Startups.

Any individual/entrepreneur who is having an innovative business/idea related to the real estate industry is eligible to apply.  Startups participating in the accelerator program will receive support from V@C  teams including technology mentoring, market validation, rapid prototyping support to build joint solutions, and solution showcasing opportunities.

Building Blocks – Viridian Accelerator Centre

Viridian Accelerator Centre (V@C) is a business accelerator supporting early-stage and growth-seeking startups.

V@C is looking forward to helping startups grow by refining the business model, firm up the proof of concept, build prototypes, define the customers and markets, and drive and support the startup to overcome other challenges that they may face to build the business, subject to the stage at which the startup is at.

Key Objectives of Building Blocks Accelerator Program

The key objective of the Building Blocks Real-Estate Accelerator Program is to identify, demonstrate, and deploying real  Real-Estate startups.

Features of the Program

The feature of the Real-Estate Accelerator Program is as follows:

  • Industry expertise
  • Mentorship
  • Scholarship opportunity for 3 startups
  • Equity-free acceleration
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Legal & Compliance support
  • Connections to potential investors and partners
  • Enabler (dedicated startup coach)
  • Business development opportunity with leading developers

Eligible Startups for Building Blocks Accelerator Program

The following type of startups can apply for the Building Blocks Real-Estate Accelerator Program

  • Individual
  • Ideation Stage Startup
  • Validation Stage Startup
  • Early Traction Startup
  • Scaling Stage Startup

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria to apply for Building Blocks Accelerator Program are as follows:

  • A Start-up should be from a part of the realty sector or other supporting sectors such as facility management, real estate, construction, cleantech, IoT, waste management, visual computing, logistics, and supply chain, property aggregators, compliance, nanotechnology, labor sourcing.
  • A Start-up should have a unique business idea that brings social and/or commercial value.
  • A Start-up should have a business plan (mandatory)
  • A Start-up should have an idea and a working style that fits into the collaborative nature of sustainable development (brings and receives value)

Focus Areas

Building Blocks Real-Estate Accelerator Program for Startups is looking to collaborate and work with startups in any of the following areas:

  • Construction
  • AI
  • Enterprise Software
  • Renewable
  • Internet Of Things
  • Retail
  • House-Hold Services
  • Transportation & Storage
  • Logistics
  • Airport Operations
  • Real Estate
  • Safety
  • Robotics
  • Waste Management

Relevant Service Type

  • Government
  • Location-Based Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketplace
  • Offline
  • Peer To Peer
  • Platform
  • Consulting
  • Consumer Internet
  • Engineering
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Social Enterprise
  • SaaS

TimeLine of Real-Estate Accelerator Program

Application Opens 3rd August 2021
Deadline to Apply 10th September 2021
Application Result Date 20th September  2021

Application Procedure Building Blocks Real-Estate Accelerator Program

The accelerator Program Applications will be open from 3rd August 2021 to 10th September 2021. The applicant is required to access the official webpage of Startup India.

  • From the home page click on the Programs option and then select View all active programs.
  • By clicking on the Accelerator Programme from the new page, the list of active programs will be displayed. Click on the Building Blocks Accelerator Program the link will redirect to a new page.
  • Click on the apply now an option; the Startup India login page will be displayed. The existing users of Startup India can log in to the portal to apply for the program.
  • After login to the portal, the applicant can apply for the program:
  • Post the application, the start-ups with innovative technologies will be shortlisted
  • There is 2 level of screening process a startup will go through. On basis of the due diligence, the Viridian Accelerator Centre (V@C)  will select the Startups in the program.