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Bhoochetana Soil Health Scheme Odisha

Soil Health Scheme

Bhoochetana Soil Health Scheme Odisha

Soil health scheme is a project launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to enhance the agricultural productivity at a minimal cost. The primary object of the scheme is to test the soil quality. Several soil testing labs have been set up across the country to conduct the tests. Once the soil is tested, specialists proffer the required nutrients and fertilizers to the farmers that helps to strengthen the soil productivity. The suggestions and the measures of the tests will be given in the respective soil health cards of the farmers.

The stated scheme has been introduced in Odisha by the State Government under the name Bhoochetana Soil Health Scheme for Farmers. The term Bhoochetana means ‘Revival of Land’. However, the scheme is executed in Odisha after its successful implementation in Karnataka. Through this scheme, the government focuses on transforming and enhancing the lives of the farmers in the state.

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Purpose of the Scheme

Agriculture is the backbone of our country and the government takes measures to develop the cultivation of the crops. With the execution of this scheme, the government anticipates providing soil treatment and nutrient management to the state’s farmers. The farmers can utilize these innovative methods in upgrading the quality of the crops.

Scheme Implementation

As an execution step, the scheme will have a Memorandum of Agreement with the corresponding authority to implement the project in the state. It has been initiated by the Government of Odisha’s  Agriculture Department joining hands with ICRISAT (International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics).

Characteristics of the Scheme

Given below are the features of the scheme:

  • As the name stands, the scheme aims to improve the condition of the state’s farmland.
  • The scheme was proposed as a beneficial scheme that is assumed to profit almost 4.35 million farmers of the State.
  • The outline of the scheme is to improve the cultivators, local seed banks, land and water management practices and capacity building for farmers.
  • The benefits of this scheme can be attained by the State Government and Agricultural Department within three years from the date of implementation of the scheme.
  • During the implementation time of the scheme, 30 districts of the state will gain advantages of the scheme.
  • The scheme approaches situations and requirements in a scientific method, rather than unsystematic patterns.
  • By using scientific methods, with the help of mapping technology, farmers can know all relevant data associated with soil nutrients to increase the crop production.
  • The scheme is also entitled to provide assistance in the form of providing information about the soil health.
  • Implementation of the scheme has been brought forward after its success in Karnataka. 4.75 million farmers were benefited where the crop production has been increased from 22% to 66% and a general profit of USD 30 million.

Benefits of the Scheme

The following are the benefits of the scheme:

  • Farmers of the state will be recommended with essential nutrients that are suitable for the improvement of agriculture.
  • The scheme is economic and therefore, money wastage will be reduced.
  • Crop productivity will be boosted.
  • Depending on the soil texture, suitable seeds, fertilizers and crops will be recommended to the farmers.