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APGLI Bond – Eligibility & Application Procedure 


APGLI Bond – Eligibility & Application Procedure

Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance (APGLI) is considered to be one of the oldest departments in the State that focuses on the Social Security Measure for the welfare of the Government employees. Government Employees in Andhra Pradesh can subscribe to APGLI bond, which has various benefits as under:

  • APGLI Policy Bonds do not lapse.
  • The premium rates are low.
  • APGLI premium is exempted from income tax under Section 80C.
  • There are very attractive bonus rates.
  • Loan can be availed upto 90% of surrender value of APGLI bond policy.
  • State Government employees can contribute maximum premium upto 20% of the basic pay, irrespective of slab rates.
  • Insurable age has been increased to 53.
  • The total Sum Assured and Bonus till Date of maturity are paid to the policyholder when there is a maturity of the policy.
  • The subscriber will be paid Surrender value and the eligible Bonus when the policyholder steps down as a Government employee and surrenders the policy by discounting the payment of Premium.
  • In case of Death of the policyholder before the maturity of the policy, the legal heirs will be paid the full Sum Assured along with Bonus till the date of his demise.
  • Municipal Employees including Municipal Teachers can enroll for APGLI Bond.


The scheme was set up by the late Nizam of the State of Hyderabad in 1907 for the well being of his employees. This was initially run by a Management Committee under the name Family Pension Fund. In the year 1913, it was renamed as Hyderabad State Life Insurance Fund. The name was finalized as Andhra Pradesh Life Insurance Fund after the formation of the State of Andhra Pradesh. Currently APGLI is managed by the Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance Department.

Functions of Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance Directorate

All aspects of APGLI Bond is managed by the Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance Directorate. The Directorate in turn controls the District Insurance Offices for management of all aspects of APGLI Bond. Some of the major functions of the APGLI Directorate and District Offices are:

  • Issue of Policies.
  • Posting of Schedule Premiums.
  • Sanction of Loans.
  • Settlement of Claims.

Issue of APGLI Policy Bond

APGLI bond policy can only be obtained by Andhra Pradesh Government employees. To apply for APGLI Bond, complete and submit the application form below to the District Insurance Office:

APGLI Bond – Application Form

The Government employee after deduction of the first premium needs to complete and submit a proposal which has to be signed by the DDO/ Head of Office. Further, the policyholder has to submit proposal even for issue of second or subsequent policies.

APGLI Bond Payment

To make payment, use the Head of the Account of APGLI Department: 8011-105-01.

Major Head 8011 – Insurance and Pension Funds.

MH 105 – State Government Insurance Fund.

SH (01) – Andhra Pradesh State Government Life Insurance Fund.

The premium is recovered at source in the salary bills of the employees and the details are sent through schedules. The employees whose salaries are not paid through Treasury/PAO and who have to pay the premium through Challan have to credit the premium to the above head of the account.

Its important to know that if premium payment is made without submission of proposal form, there would be a risk of not getting any coverage or monetary benefit, as such payments will be treated as unauthorized amounts which will be refunded on application without any interest or bonus. Hence, before making any payments towards an APGLI Bond policy, contact the concerned District Insurance Office.

  • Those employees who are above 53years are not allowed to take APGLI policy.
  • Proposals submitted by employees who are above 53years will not be taken into consideration in issuing policies.

APGLI Bond Premium

The following are the compulsory Premium Slab Rates:

Pay Slabs (In Rupees)   Compulsory Premium Rate (In Rupees)
6700-8440 250
8441-10900 350
10901-14860 450
14861-18030 600
18031-25600 750
25601 and above 1000

APGLI Bond Loan

One of the major benefits fo the APGLI bond policy is the availability of loan against the surrender value. Upto 90% of the surrender value of the bond can be taken as loan. Loan against APGLI bond has very low interest rate of just 9% per annum against loans sanctioned. To apply for APGLI bond loan, contact the APGLI office with the following application form:

APGLI Bond Loan Application

Contact Details of APGLI Office

S.No District Address of the Office Phone Numbers Email Id
1. Directorate Directorate of Insurance Department,
Govt. of A.P.,
Govt. Insurance Building, Tilak Road, Hyderabad. PIN- 500001.
Land Line: 040-24754301 [email protected]
2. Srikakulam The Asst. Director of Insurance, District Insurance Office,
Govt. of A.P., Plot No. C-9, Door No. 7-4-23,
Near Port, New Colony, Srikakulam.PIN-532001.
Land Line:0894-2228493
Mobile : 9848780347
[email protected]
3. Vizianagaram The Assistant Director, District Insurance Office,
Govt. of A.P., Collectorate Complex,
Land Line: 08922-275140 Mobile: 9848780348 [email protected]
4. Visakhapatnam The Joint Director of Insurance, District Insurance Office,
Govt. of A.P., Door No. 2-38-3, Plot No.9,Sector-10,
Behind Bhashyam Public School , M.V.P. Colony,
Visakhapatnam.PIN- 530017.
Land Line: 0891-2506407 Mobile : 8498082153 [email protected]
5. East Godavari The Deputy Director of Insurance,
District Insurance Office, Govt. of A.P.,
D. No.20-1-34,IInd Floor,Sundai Plaza,
Subhash Street Kakinada, East Godavari. PIN-533001.
Land Line: 0884-2370819 Mobile : 9848780350 [email protected]
6. West Godavari The Deputy Director of Insurance, District Insurance Office,
Govt. of A.P., Door No:23B-5-85,Sri Nanduri Mansion,Opp Eluru Prardhana Samajam
Near Venkatraopet School,Ramachnadra Rao Pet,
Eluru-534002 .West Godavari Dist.
Land Line: 08812-242470 Mobile: 9848780351 [email protected]
7. Krishna The Joint Director of Insurance,District Insurance Office,
Govt. of A.P.,Door No.23-22-135/1,Hanuman Street,
Beside SBI,Near Shivaji Cafe,
Krishna District,
Andhra Pradesh.
Land Line: 0866-2534422,2535713 Mobile : 8498082152 [email protected]
8. Guntur The Joint Director of Insurance,
District Insurance Office,Govt. of A.P.,
Door No.8-22-23,2nd line, Sitaram Nagar,Managalagiri road
Land Line: 0863-2232541 Mobile : 8498082156 [email protected]
9. Prakasham The Assistant Director of Insurance, District Insurance Office,
Govt. of A.P., D.No. 37-1-160/9/7, Second floor,
Behind Bapuji Complex, Ongole, Prakasham.PIN-523001.
Land Line: 08592-230180 Mobile : 9848780355 [email protected]
10. S.P.S.R
The Asst. Director of Insurance, District Insurance Office,
Pappula Site,Stan House Pet,
S.P.S.R., Nellore.PIN-524002.
Land Line: 0861-2339436 Mobile : 9848780354 [email protected]
11. Chittoor The Deputy Director of Insurance,
District Insurance Office, Govt. of A.P.,
D.No.4-420 , Near S.B.I.,
C.B. Road,Greenspet ,
Chittoor.PIN 517001 .
Land Line:08572-220811
Mobile : 9848780359
[email protected]
12. Cuddapah The Asst. Director of Insurance,
District Insurance Office, Govt. of A.P.,
D.No.20/1058, Radha Krishna Colony,
Co-Operative Colony, Cuddapah.PIN-516001.
Land Line: 08562-250960 Mobile : 9848780357 [email protected]
13. Ananthapur The Deputy Director of Insurance,
District Insurance Office, Govt. of A.P.,
Ashwini Lodge (Near),
Khaja Nagar,Ananthapur.
Land Line: 08554-241192
Mobile : 9848780358
[email protected]
14. Kurnool The Joint Director of Insurance, District Insurance Office,
Govt. of A.P., Building No.46/110, Budhavarapupet,
Nandyal Rd, Near Medical College, Kurnool.PIN-518002.
Land Line: 08518-255475 Mobile : 8498082154 [email protected]
17. Hyderabad Cell AP The Asst. Director,District Insurance Office,
Govt. of A.P., Govt.Insurance Building,
Tilak road,Abids, Hyderabad.PIN-500001.
Land Line: 040-24754319 Mobile : 9848780346 [email protected]

Download APGLI Bond

There are four steps that have to be followed to download APGLI Bond. They are as follows.

Step 1: Entering Policy Number

In the policy details, the employee has to enter the correct policy number to avoid errors.

Step2: Selecting suffix

Below the policy number, the employee has to select suffix from the drop-down box.

Step3: Selecting “Get Policy Bond”

After entering the number generated in the image below the suffix, the employee can click on the Get Policy Bond button.

Note: The user should not press Enter.

Step4: Viewing the bond.

Once all the details are entered correctly, the policy bond appears.

Policy Bond
Policy Bond

Duplicate Policy Bond

To obtain a duplicate policy bond, the employee has to follow the following procedure.

Step 1: Request to DDO

The employee has to request the DDo to deduct one rupee from the salary in addition to the regular premium.

Step 2: Submission of the declaration form

The employee has to submit a declaration form stating that the policy is lost or destroyed and there has not been any mortgaged made for the policy anywhere. This has to be duly signed by the employee and has to be attested by the DDO/Head of the Office.

Step 3: Submitting to District Insurance Officer

The declaration form has to be submitted in the inclusion of the copy of the monthly schedule to the corresponding District Insurance Officer.