Trade License Registration In Nagaland

A business premise is required to obtain a trade license from the concerned state government authorities or the municipal corporation for operating. Trade license is also known as Shop and Establishment registration. Trade license registration in Nagaland is particularly known as Gumasta License.

Rules and regulations of this trade license registration vary from one state to another i.e., the rules for Trade license registration in Nagaland will differ from Trade license registration in Tamil Nadu. So, while getting a trade license the applicant must first understand the jurisdiction and the applicable act on that jurisdiction.

For obtaining a Trade license registration in Nagaland an application is to be made within 30 days of incorporating a business. The application of renewing the license or granting the license is made to the commissioner of the corporation in most of the states.

On applying with the information and the required documents the officer ensures that the business is the best suiting for the purpose used and that there is no possibility of any discrepancies and will issue the license. Trade license registration in Nagaland can be obtained within 7-15 working days subject to the submission of documents by the applicant

IndiaFilings can help you obtain a trade license in Nagaland for your business online. Connect with our consultant to know more about the rules and regulations that will apply to your business and begin the process of trade license registration.

Trade License Registration In Nagaland FAQ's

The municipal authority or the local authorities are responsible for the issuance of a trade license in Nagaland.

Trade License in Nagaland is necessary for all the traders that are involved in the general trading activity. However, it should be noted the class of trade of license varies from state to state and is also based on the nature of the business.

It takes around 8-10 days if you are registering with IndiaFilings. Again the time taken for registration depends on the documents provided.

In case if the license holder has canceled is violating the conditions and is creating harm to the environment his license registration may get canceled.

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