Professional Tax Registration In Jharkhand

The State Government levies the professional tax on the professionals and members. The levy and governance of professional tax in Jharkhand is regulated under the Jharkhand State Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employments Act, 1975.

Procedure for obtaining Professional Tax in Jharkhand

Professional Tax in Jharkhand can be obtained online on the State sales tax department website. Here is the procedure of the same:

  • An application must be made in Form 1 within 30 days of becoming liable to pay the professional tax.
  • Once Form 1 is submitted an acknowledgment with the date and time for attending the registration authority is generated.
  • The application has to be duly signed by the proprietor or partner or director of the company and it should be submitted to the concerned professional tax registration authority.
  • After the signed application is received the professional tax registration is provided in Form 1-A with a TIN (Registration number under profession tax act)

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Who is eligible to pay Professional in Jharkhand?

  • Anyone who has professional tax registration
  • Entities having professional tax liability of more than Rs.50,000 need to file monthly professional tax returns before the last date of each month.
  • For entities whose tax liability is less than Rs. 50,000 in the previous year have to file a tax return annually on or before 31st of March.
  • In case there is omission or furnishing of incorrect statement a revised professional tax return can be filed.

The due date for filing professional tax in Jharkhand

Based on the date of enrolment the due date for filing Professional tax in Jharkhand differs, for the entities that are enrolled before the commencement of a year on or before 31st May the due date is 30th June of that year.

If the entity is enrolled after 31st May the professional tax payment is due within one month of the date of enrolment.

The professional tax rate in Jharkhand

Monthly Gross Salary Amount Payable as Professional Tax
Up to Rs. 7500 Nil
Rs.7501 to Rs.10,000 Rs.175 Per month
Above Rs.10,000 Rs. 2500 per annum. Can be paid in either way.
Rs.200 per month except for February
Rs.300 for February.

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Professional Tax Registration In Jharkhand FAQ's

An individual who is engaged in any activity or any profession, trade, or employment has to pay professional tax in Jharkhand.

The professional tax rate in Jharkhand is calculated based on salary slabs. The maximum amount that can be deducted as professional tax is Rs. 2500 annually.

Professional tax should be paid by every individual. There are penalties in case of noncompliance.

Yes, the professional tax rates differ from state to state. The rate of professional tax in Jharkhand would be different from that of Tamil Nadu. But the maximum amount that can be deducted as professional tax is Rs.2500 per year.


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