Private Limited Company Registration In Karnataka

Company registration in Karnataka can be easily done through IndiaFilings. A minimum of two people is required to incorporate a private limited company as directors and shareholders.

How to register a Private Limited Company in Karnataka?

IndiaFilings can help you incorporate a company in Karnataka in less than ten days, subject to the government processing time and the availability of all the documents.

Our dedicated experts will reach out to you and tell you about the documents necessary for company registration in Karnataka. Once the documents are collected and verified an application is made to obtain the DSC and the DIN for the proposed directors.

Simultaneously, a name approval request is made to the MCA. Incorporation documents are drafted based on the approved name and all the partners must sign all the documents. Once the documents are submitted the ROC grants the Incorporation certificate.

The last step of company registration in Karnataka is when all incorporation certificate is submitted to the MCA for approval.

Company registration in Karnataka can be done in less than 10 days through IndiaFilings. We provide service across India which are less time consuming and hassle-free.

Private Limited Company Registration In Karnataka FAQ's

To register a private limited company a minimum of 2 directors are required and a maximum of 15 directors are required.

Yes, a Private limited company can have Foreign direct investment in their company.

To obtain company registration in Karnataka the following documents are mandatory – PAN, Aadhar card, Id prof of the directors, bank details, electricity bill, and the rent agreement.

No private limited company registered in Karnataka cannot issue shares to the general public.


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