Partnership Firm Registration In Moradabad

The partnership has gained popularity in recent years due to its easy formation and minimal compliance requirements. Partnership deed drafting is one of the most important components. This deed is a written agreement between the partners that defines the rules and the guidelines of the partnership. Here, we will take a look at the advantages of registering a Partnership firm in Moradabad along with the importance of partnership deed.

What is a partnership deed?

A partnership deed serves as an agreement between two or more partners and lays the details concerning the business. A Partnership deed registration is a process in which the partners turn their draft and make legally binding documents by authorizing it. This deed contains information on the name, address, nature, capital contribution, and even profit sharing ratio of the firm.

What are the advantages of registering as a Partnership firm in Moradabad?

Partnership Firm registration in Moradabad has many advantages we have listed them here:

Easy to start

The Partnership firms are easier to set in Maharashtra, one of the main requirements in most cases is the Partnership deed.

Decision Making

In the Partnership Firm, the decision-making is a bit faster as there is no need to pass the resolution. The Partners of the Partnership firms registered in Maharashtra enjoy a range of power as they can take any decision on behalf of the Partner.


A Partnership firm registered in Maharashtra can quickly raise funds as compared to the Proprietorship firms. Even they can avail credit facilities from the banks and other financial institutions.

Sense of ownership:

As every Partner is an owner in the Partnership firms registered in Maharashtra they have all the liberty to manage and control the activities of the firm. This sense of ownership creates a higher sense of accountability and belongingness which helps create a diligent workforce.

How to register a Partnership in Moradabad?

  • A Partnership registration in Moradabad can be obtained in less than seven days. Here is the detailed procedure for registering a Partnership firm in Moradabad.
  • Our advisor will first brief you on the process and provide you a list of necessary documents necessary for registration.
  • The submission of the document is done completely online through the mobile application or the website.
  • After the verification is done a partnership deed is drafted and sent to the partners for obtaining the signature.
  • The partners need to sign the documents on stamp paper and the copy of the same is to be uploaded on our platforms.
  • The partnership deed is then registered with the concerned Registrar of Firms and a Certificate of registration is provided to the partner.
  • With the registration certificate of the Partnership, we also help you in obtaining a bank account in the name of the Partnership firm.

Partnership Firm Registration In Moradabad FAQ's

A Partnership firm that is registered in Moradabad can file a lawsuit in court against the partners, also they can claim set-off or other proceedings in a dispute with the party.

Irrespective of the turnover the partnership firms in Moradabad are required to file the Income-tax returns.

Yes, a partner can transfer his ownership rights but then this should be done with the consent of all the other partners.

It is a deed that highlights the terms and regulations of partnership amongst the partners. IndiaFilings will help you in drafting the partnership deed.

Our business consultants will first understand your business needs and then help you in drafting the Partnership deed. Based on the requirement of the applicant we also help the partnership firms to be registered partnership firms.


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