Fssai Registration In Tamil Nadu

For all Food and related businesses, the Food Safety and Security Authority of India grants the FSSAI License. If an individual wants to open an eatery in Tamil nadu he must obtain FSSAI License in Tamil nadu .

This 14 Digit code has to be printed on the label of the food items while packaging if the seller has a food license registration in Tamil nadu . This License certifies that the food obtained is of good quality and is not adulterated. In simple words, Food License registration in Tamil nadu ensures that the food matches the government's standards and can be consumed.

An individual or an entity involved in manufacturing, distributing, storing, marketing pr selling edible items has to comply with the rules and the regulations of the FSSAI and apply for an FSSAI license in Tamil nadu .

FSSAI being the apex authority has set up certain food security standards that are to be complied with by every food handler. Hence, before running any food-related business it is always better for the handler to get an FSSAI license in Tamil nadu .

The following documents will be required to obtain an FSSAI license in Tamil nadu

  • Signed Form B
  • Photograph of the owner
  • Incorporation certificate or the partnership deed
  • List of the food products
  • Any utility bills

You can submit these documents online now as the entire procedure to obtain an FSSAI license in Tamil nadu is online. All you need to do is get in touch with our consultant to get proper guidance from our experts.

Fssai Registration In Tamil Nadu FAQ's

FSSAI license enables a person to carry food-related business without any discrepancies. India's s food and safety authority regulate the FSSAI license.

Yes, to sell food and for food-related business, FSSAI registration is mandatory in Tamil nadu .

FSSAI license is mandatory for anyone who is in the food business irrespective of whether he is a distributor, caterer, or manufacturer. Based on the annual turnover there are three types of food licenses in Tamil nadu .

Food Safety and Standard Authority of India. That is established under the Food and safety standards, 2006.


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