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Trade license for one Business.

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Trade License Registration In Gujarat

A trade license is a document or a certificate that is required to commence with a trade or business in a specific area or a location. The license holder cannot use the trade license for any other work or business. A business that is registered within a state, corporation, or municipality is required to obtain the Trade license registration from the concerned state or the government to start with the business. To obtain the trade license registration in Gujarat the applicant has to first understand the jurisdiction under which they are operating the business and the applicable acts.

The trade registration in Gujarat is to be obtained within 30 days of starting the business. It takes around 7 to 15 days to issue the license after the submission of the relevant documents. The application is granted or renewed by the commissioner in the corporation in the case of most of the states.

Who is eligible for Trad License registration in Gujarat?

  • The applicant should not have any criminal record.
  • The types of business are to be legally permissible.
  • The applicant has crossed 18 years.

What are the documents required for obtaining the trade license registration in Gujarat?

An application for the trade license can be made by the applicant online all he needs to do is submit the following documents to the concerned municipal authorities:

  • Application in the prescribed format
  • PAN card of the applicant along with the incorporation certificate the applicant is any firm or an LLP of the Company.
  • Aadhar is mandatory if he is an individual applicant
  • The lastest municipality property tax receipts
  • Lease documents or the consent letters from the owner of the property
  • No objection Certificate from the immediate neighbor
  • A certified layout plan from the trade building showing the business
  • Katha extracts
  • Katha Certificate
  • Occupancy certificate.

Who issues the trade license registration in Gujarat?

The trade license registration in Gujarat is issued by the various departments of the municipal cor[poration like the industries, engineering, health, etc. The issuance of the license differs from state to state and is dependent on the local government agencies.

There are various provisions, rules, and regulations that need to be followed by a person who is registered if in case the applicant is also failing to comply with the registration requirement of the trade license. The license is to be obtained before the trade activity is commenced. Legal action is also taken against a defaulter.

A trade License becomes a necessity while carrying a business talk to our experts today.


The municipal authority or the local authorities are responsible for the issuance of a trade license in Gujarat.
Trade License in Gujarat is necessary for all the traders that are involved in the general trading activity. However, it should be noted the class of trade of license varies from state to state and is also based on the nature of the business.
It takes around 8-10 days if you are registering with IndiaFilings. Again the time taken for registration depends on the documents provided.
In case if the license holder has canceled is violating the conditions and is creating harm to the environment his license registration may get canceled.